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  1. Sometimes we even see a few of these moral warriors posting here too. Makes me want to puke too.

  2. Isn’t it weird that they want to fight violence but the language and the imagery of this “warriors” is really violent? Is there even a certain Hitler Youth rally flavour, or is it just me?

    I’m not mentioning the fact that they want to fight homosexuality and then their leaders end up being gay, because that’s a cliché already.

    I always get the feeling this people are fighting against themselves more than anything else. If only they didn’t fuck with people who isn’t playing their silly self-hate game…

    1. I hate it when Christian groups talk about being warriors or fighting for something. Don’t they remember the Crusades? In fact at the Catholic church I used to go to, they took a group of teens to a thing called “Crusaders for Christ.” I’d think you would not want to be associated with the bloody wars fought by the crusaders.

  3. These war-mongering, hate-filled, so-called Christian leaders, don’t know the meaning of Christianity.
    They don’t believe in American values: equality, respect for others, compassion, and yes LOVE, of those with whom you disagree. It is disgusting to see them tour the name of Jesus to support their ugly cause. But, alas,
    these movements are nothing new, just different time, different place.

  4. I can just imagine what the reactions would be if the Muslims held a rally like this. I think that guy is a closet case, and I wonder how many of his young followers he’s messing around with. Brainwashing these young people like that should be a crime. He should take his little cult and red flags and go to China and see how warm a reception he’d get there!

  5. The more I see this mass brain washing of young minds the more I am reminded of Karl Marx’s coumment that “religion is the opium of the people.” (frequently misquoted as opium of the masses). I was raised in a conservitive Christian religion and I know how manipulative and dangerous the fundamentalist religious sects are. I mourn for the queer youth who learn self hate at the feet of these charlatans.

  6. I have often felt that those who defend religion the loudest, tend to be the weak who struggle for approval and justification for their being.

    Yet the strongest believers I have ever met have been quiet and of sound reasoning, much disappointed in the church’s treatment of those outside the flock.

    strange how that tends to work…

  7. They are very similar to Hitler Youth’s. (And of course the Nazi’s were right-wingers as well.) They have to have an enemy to justify their own existance. Gays, Womens Rights, etc. But they over look Bristol Palin (daughter of Idiot Sarah Palin) being a fornicator (the Bible’s term for her) or Newt Gingrich being an adulterer. True Christians need to take back the faith from the RIght Wing!

    1. “Just an idiot trying to make money”

      And he’s doing it ….. by the buckets from all those teens/their parents.

      I don’t even care about the money ……….. my problem with it is the brainwashing of all those young people both by coercion and by their choice because they’re made to believe that all of this is nothing more than a “social event” to be with “their peers.” They (and their parents to some degree) think that if it’s “just loud music,” it’s basically harmless.

      And the other parents who coerce their kids to go to these “events” are just as brainwashed as their trying to do to their own children to keep this idiotic cycle going on and on.

      Easily 85-90% of these kids will regret this after a few short years if they don’t get totally brainwashed with this crap.

    2. The main reason why so many things in the world suck today is idiots trying to make money. Don’t dismiss them so lightly.

    3. It’s a little more Hitler Youth or Khmer Rouge indoctrination camp than that.

      Get them young, get them violent. It’s been the method of every dictatorship in the 20th century.

  8. Looks like a seedy polyester coat this guy is wearing. He should have the hard styled hair to go with that coat and maybe a wide, white belt to complete the retro, late 60’s, republican business man look.

  9. Well at the end the bible and paris hilton are same: worthless. What a boring life this ones have.

  10. I’ve seen this video before, it’s nothing new. Pretty old news.

    I’ve actually been to events like that, being that my dad’s a Baptist pastor (and an amazing one who knows what Christianity really is), and I was raised in the church. My dad has no problems with me being gay, but at events like those, people obviously do.

    I went to a couple of the Creation festivals with my church youth group back when the whole BattleCry movement was just getting started and Ron Luce was promoting it full-force. I never liked the guy. I’d just like to say from firsthand experience that it IS brainwashing, and what most people don’t realize about events like this is that spirituality, fellowship, and emotion working together are powerful things that should NEVER be ignored. As much good as they can do on a personal level, when you bring brainwashed crowds into it? It is INFECTIOUS and DANGEROUS.

    Some of the tactics they used before that whole thing came along were bad, i.e. the constant bashing of pop culture and emphasis on staying pure, but one way they hook people is through the use statistics meant to shock, and they do this a lot of times through videos playing trance music or the like, words flashing on the screen.

    That stuff scares the shit out of me, and yet I do miss the fellowship and community present in those gatherings. They had some good music, good speakers sometimes.

    I’ve always had mixed feelings about the level of emotions I’ve seen at those events though. You see crowds raising up their hands and singing or chanting or whatever with the music that seems to go on forever and ever, I suppose it’s meant for meditation and stuff like that. But you’re more or less seen as an outsider if you don’t. That’s fine, but some of those speakers and messages I just knew were out to get to people.

    They had prayer tents, urging people to repent for their sins, “maybe you’ve been doing this or that wrong but god forgives you”, as if they want you to feel ashamed for everything you do out in the real world. And people will nod their heads and say “that makes sense” even though half of my youth group smoked marijuana and regularly had sex, lol.

    But back then, it wasn’t brainwashing or whatever. I was never forced to go anywhere, and half the time we’d just be walking around outside the arena or checking out other events or meeting people.

    This BattleCry thing though, it’s gotten horrible. They actually have SCHOOLS for people to send their kids to that are specifically to help out the BattleCry movement with Ron Luce and design posters and other media, merchandise, etc. This guy is seriously a danger in what he does, and so are the “Christians” who take part in it.

    They’ve made it highly political and social, and since people already have a lot of emotions about that, they’re more likely to listen to nutcases like Luce.

    If you want to see some other scary stuff, watch the Hell House documentary. THAT’S even more disturbing.

    And they want to disturb, they want to shock. It’s how they get your emotions riled up and say “you haven’t been pure, you need to repent!”

    Thank god I never went to a church like that and that my dad is a sane and loving father who emphasizes the love of Christ…not like those conservative political douchebags. I feel bad for my dad in so many ways, because he’s had to deal with people like that who want to hear about hellfire and damnation and went to get political.

    I don’t consider myself Christian, more agnostic. I used to have faith, but my experiences in the church led me down another path, so I’m stuck finding my own way. If the people and programs weren’t so judgmental and isolationist, I might still be there. My dad’s not like that, but A LOT of the people in the churches I’ve been to are.

    1. Interesting and incisive coment. You have seen this stuff from the inside. But you have not been convicted by it. Possibly there are many like you who have not become mindless disciples of this crap, but they are a threat nonetheless. I was raised a Christian, and to this day do have faith, although my respect for the mainline church is almost non-existent. If the life and beliefs of Jesus are taken by themselves, much of the trappings of religion become useless. But, unfortunately, man has always used religion to achieve his own perverted ends.

    2. @Pete and others that need some “tough love”:

      At first, what you wrote began as very (and typical) blasé as if you were going to say, “big deal” about these events and what they do to young people. But then you appeared to get your act together about the brainwashing of religion. And, unfortunately, because your father is a baptist pastor, you can’t be totally objective (understandably). One of my uncles on my mother’s side was a catholic priest for over 50 years so I fully understand the need to “protect family”.

      I also went to a baptist “retreat” (that’s what they call many of these events and locations because they so need you to believe they are some kind of “vacation/respite” for the young and also pass it off as a “social event”) by desire, if you can actually believe that. It is still in the mountains of northern Louisiana, a short distance from Shreveport. I had to memorize at least 28 (or 36? don’t remember now) scriptures of their choosing to be able to go to this place for a 2-week period (including sleeping and all meals). And I wanted to go just to get away from the religious home for boys I was at during the summer of 1966. Of course (as I stated in a previous thread), I had my god filter solidly locked in place (I had and needed the platinum-coated titanium version), otherwise I would have truly been spaghetti brains by the time I left this “retreat” before going back to this baptist-run home & school for boys.

      First, the good: This “retreat” is in a beautiful area in the mountains there surrounded by the beauty and smell of pine and cedar trees. There was a lake nearby that I think we swam in and held “seminars” around it. We were fed very well and all of us got very good sleep (bed time was 9:30 PM SHARP!) — how could you not get good sleep for those many hours (I think they woke us up around 7:00 AM).

      Now, the reality: It was non-stop church services, calls for repentance and being “born-again,” “seminars” that were designed 100% to force something out of you in some emotional state that you “accepted the lord” and would “put your previous ways behind you” (and back then it was as simple and innocuous as music by The Beatles, etc.) with only a few hours for the admittedly good meal time (but not without at least 2 prayers [before and after] for each meal preceded by some “mini-sermon”).

      Why did I try to go? Because, even then I was a nut for nature and wild animals (especially birds) and felt I so desperately needed a change of environment from where I was the rest of the time in this “near desert” area of Texas (I think Arizona deserts have more wildlife than this area of Texas). It’s no coincidence that they choose very beautiful areas to plow out what buildings are necessary for these brainwashing “retreats.”

      So, what’s the real difference between then and now for these religious brainwashing events and “retreats?” POLITICS. Back then, most USA religious groups “held their place” in the political scene because they were honestly afraid to go against our First Amendment separation clause. They were a lot more subtle then and Congress would hold their ground (so-to-speak) of keeping any religion out of politics and government. Of course, that didn’t stop them in 1953, 1954 and 1956 with the red mass, our pledge and money .

      While I was too young to understand the politics of religion (and I guarantee you that this private school “brushed over,” if not totally ignored, teaching us about the truth of the separation clause in our First Amendment), I nevertheless understood that I needed to have my god filter installed and running 24/7 to get through this “retreat” nonsense. And, I also knew instinctively that all I needed to do was just tell them what they wanted to hear. You won’t believe how many times I was “born again and repented” only to get through all this bullshit (I may have set my own personal “Guinness World Record for being born again”). But, I am a survivor of this brainwashing (for the most part) because of my earlier catholic history and my mother pawning me off to some southern baptists “to instill discipline.”

      I sincerely feel for those who don’t have the willpower to break out of their mold. I know it’s super difficult. You need training and the will to learn the real truth. It takes a bit of a cynical personality and someone honest enough to step in and actually teach and explain the truth about religion. At this private school, they would start on boys as young as 5 years old (there were 2 dormitories (36 in each) for boys 5-11 years of age and I would see them in our “non-denominational chapel” services every Sunday, without fail with only 2 Sundays during the Xmas vacation that was optional. Really, what is the need to brainwash children under the age of 12 for “repentance and being born again”? Why drum into their young minds, “everlasting life by repentance and accepting the lord” when these young children are doing all they can just to survive this life and starting school each year?

      Now, Pete, sorry, but I know this will hurt. But, the truth is, you won’t accept objective thought with regard to your father being a baptist pastor/preacher. I understand this, but you need to accept this: he could never have been a “successful” pastor if he didn’t speak out against homosexuality and (not knowing your age) the “social ills” of this country (usually being pop music and its artists) and of course the ills of marijuana, et al. He may well have been a “great father” — I won’t argue that, but when you said he “has no problems with me being gay,” just how two-faced did he need to be to love you unconditionaly (which is great) and then to denounce “you [homosexuality]” in front of his congregation whenever he felt he needed to speak of “social ills,” which, for the baptists, are very often and get quite “fiery,” to say the least? The baptist association oversee their web of pastors and will listen to their sermons on a fairly regular basis — to make sure they are hateful enough and get their congregations standing and yelling as much as they can. And in today’s sermons, talking against homosexuality is only second to belting out the, “repent and be born again for salvation!” crap.

      But I’m please that you finally recognized that what the baptists (and most religions?) do is nothing but brainwashing.

      1. Correction:
        “At this private school, they would start all this religious bullshit on boys as young as 5 years old (there were 2 dormitories — 36 in each — for boys 5-11 years of age) and I would see them in our “non-denominational chapel” services every Sunday, without fail with only 2 Sundays during the Xmas vacation that was optional.”

        Sorry about that. I want it to be readable. :-)

      2. Also note:
        Of course, that didn’t stop them in 1953, 1954 and 1956 with the red mass, our pledge and money .”

        Not coincidentally, all these happened during the first term of a Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower.

  11. Me da un escalofrio al ver estos jovenes manipulados por gente que se creen poseedores de la verdad absoluta, y que conspiran contra los que no son como ellos.

    1. Verdad y de acuerdo. Me pone triste y preocupado al pensar en el odio se se va influyendo en la mente de estos jovenes. Algo que no se sabe combatir.

  12. And the bigots shall lead the bigots. Like many here the first thing that came to my mind was I’m seeing a nazi rally. Of course, things are getting better, right?

  13. well most of these kids will walk from this sort of thing with nothing, those that don’t tho will be back to annoy anyone with an I.Q. over 50 and recruit people with an I.Q. under that same score.

  14. I was raised in this tradition and this video is very misleading. First, you are obviously getting the carefully chosen clips of the crowd. The shouting, banner waving, hard-core believers. Not the bulk of the crowd who are mostly just spectators.
    But even the hard-core bunch are not necessarily on board this thing. Parents SEND kids to these things. Once they leave they are back in the dreaded “secular society.”
    I remember the christian rock band’s guitarist going off and fucking the hell out of a church leader’s daughter during church camp.
    These kids are still kids and want what all kids want — to have as much fun as possible.
    Don’t let Christiane Amanpour’s usual sensationalism give you the wrong impression. A lot goes on in the hotel rooms during these conventions.

  15. Its strange how simular the christian in USA its with the islam people in Iran and other islamic countries.

    Very strange assumption that this land of liberty!

  16. All i can say right now is just: “Oh dear Oh dear, another loose screw in town”

  17. Let’s make a little statement here …

    My question is: Would Jesus support them ?
    In fact, some people look at Jesus and make a not-so-obvious link between Jesus and the old testament.

    BUT: if you look it up, Jesus has said some quite loving and caring words.
    I admire Jesus, not as the son of God or aything, but simply a high prophecious person like the Dalai-Lama or Mother Theresa.
    I think he is one of those people you just wish there were more of them on earth.

  18. I don’t know if somebody has already said it before since I did not read every comment, but as a young German what came to mind abruptly upon seeing this video is Hitlers speech “Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?” (“Do you want the absolute war?”). The sense of emotional propaganda and mass agitation conveyed by these people leaves me just speechless. I didn’t think it was as bad in the States, in spite of traditionally (and often radical) Christian values still being deeply engrained in society outside the big cities.

    Now, I don’t mean to say most Americans support this message. But the mere fact that such fanatically extremist events exist and seemingly are tolerated by the law troubles me. Due to our history a public event of this scale for TEENAGERS would be unthinkable in Germany. But I don’t want to catastrophize too much. And I am definetely not saying we are better than you. Far from it! We have increasing issues with radical nationalists over here too, lately. And our history teaches us to this day not to be proud of it.

  19. I really hate how this is everyone’s view of religion. I have been an active Catholic my whole life and I can tell you that this guy does not speak for all of us. I am gay and have felt nothing but love and support from the people in my church. I want to personally apologize to anyone who has felt put down by someone who claims to follow an all-loving God.

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