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      1. The Irish have a thing about being included, or not so, in the UK.
        As much as I fucking DESPISE them, fuck they’ve got nice bodies.

        1. why did u bring the hate so much , if candanians were called americans they’d complain so why cant we

          1. America =
            North + South America

            British Isles =
            Great Britain + Ireland + Isle of Man + Shetlands + Orkneys + Channel Islands + Hebrides + Isle of Wight +Isles of Scilly

            Great Britain =
            The Island of Britain + All The associated islands

            Island of Britain =
            The Main lands of England, Scotland, And Wales

            So you can be British and Irish at the same time!

      1. They are identical twins! And so lacking in individuality that they are known by one name, Jedward (= John & Edward). That, and the silly hair, are their two gimmicks.

  1. It’s early for me. I didn’t realize they were different until the end when I saw one had a mole and the other didn’t.

    Love the hair down more than straight up but definitely nice bodies on these guys.

  2. well at least they know there main audience. im just not one bit surprised now that there worth about £3.5 million.

    1. it’s from R.R. Martin’s “A song of ice and fire” series, if i remember correctly it’s from book 4..?!… (book 1 – Game of Thrones also has a TV series, currently with 1 season, and dare i say…it’s brilliant, even though they had to change the ages of the characters to make them legal – they got all the action from the book int he series)

      A wildling female says it to John Snow, the 14 yo bastard(bastards from the North were always named Snow), and only living male heir to the throne of the north(which he cannot take because he took “the black”). He and the wildling female had some nice little fun in the sack too.

      Alas, even though i know this info i still don’t get how that comment has anything to do with this :))

      @ontopic – These dudes have crazy hair!!

      1. jon snow is also the main anchor on channel 4 news here in the uk. perhaps he said something about jedward…

      2. I think it might have more to do with what ScorpiusM is saying XD

        a bit off topic, I tried watching Game of Thrones and was bored out of my mind.

        1. really?…we’ll i guess it’s not for everyone then….try the book then?…..books are always more fun :)

  3. Wow! Hokey! Pretty, but also pretty hokey. I’m not sure if the fact they aren’t the least bit self conscious is a plus or a minus.

  4. A somewhat bland and talentless duo who will do anything to get noticed – first they tried singing in a national talent show but that failed to take off, then they went on Big Brother and now they are resorting to cavorting topless… Hokey is certainly the right word for this pair.

  5. Ha-ha who knew it? The idiot boys are so sexy. And that’s not being mean they are real, genuine, 100% idiots, but they do have brilliant management, we have to assume, unless it’s the world’s most successful double bluff, ever.

    Dexy boys for President.


  6. Not that I would kick either one of ‘em out of bed, even if they were eating crackers, but we all know how it ends for boys like these:

  7. You can see a tiny bit of ball or foreskin at 1:26 just before one of them changes the yellow card to the blue.

    Do you think they will end up bearing all to maintain a following of people?

  8. I never knew that something(s) so hot could look so weird with just a change in hairstyle. No offense, but the hair kinda creeps me out when it’s up O.o

  9. So sad, when boys don’t aspire to be anything more than hos in a rap video – they do have nice bodies though :)

  10. Move over James and Oliver Phelps, Jedward is/are the new Sexy Twins of the British Isles.

  11. Talentless worthless attention whores. They are now the face of Coco Pops in Ireland. Bring back the fu@@ing monkey.


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