19 thoughts on “Jo Kwon wants to be the One for You”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more super-slick and overdone music video. The production values puts most others to shame. And I wouldn’t be surprised at how much electronic help he has for his voice. But that wardrobe! Absolutely SCREAMS “QUEENNY!” and in the worst way. And his hair — I’ve never seen such god-awful color and style on basically an attractive Asian. One look at his profile and it should have been obvious to his “creators” that it’s so wrong for his face structure.

    Can anyone say, “steaming kim-chee queen?”

    1. I’m beginning to think that all Koreans are full of kim-chee. This is a variant on the Sun Myung Moon theme as well. Simply horrible.

    2. I think this is the standard production value for modern K-POP music videos though.

      Maybe it’s because I’m Korean and I follow K-POP closely or something but I didn’t find this overdone compared to the usual music videos.

      I think compared to American music videos which tend to be slightly boring it’s overdone however.

  2. Oh Gods – you use queerty as a source?

    that site should come with the same warning as the daily mail :(

  3. I found this film almost Shakespearen in its, um, something. Sort of almost Edward II in its depth of tragedy and, um, tragedy. In particular the music is very tragic. I guess South Korean girls and gay boys who buy this sort of stuff really like trashy music with almost pretty gay boys acting out very strange storylines. At least they can dance. And he does some great faces when he sings “boys”

  4. K-pop and J-pop are about fun – Silly? Perhaps but who cares as long as their having fun.

    1. But at least the ones from Japan are usually good looking and they are not full of kim-chee.

  5. not sure why feel the need to bash other people… Clearly some people like Jo Kwon or think he is cute. But when you come in saying something is crap you make those people feel bad. PS Danny Dober its Kimchi

  6. The music to this headbangers ears is awful but not as apalling and lifeless as that provided by Beever.

    I’d still bum him tho.

  7. People should look at his other balad performances in the group 2AM before they judge his voice or music ability ( for instance, the song “can’t let you go, even If I die” )

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