Jock Sturges

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Jock Sturges has long been a lightning rod for controversy for his distinctive brand of nude photography. Sturges shoots much of his work around nudist beaches in France and northern California, and his most frequent subjects have been adolescent girls. The photos have an undeniably erotic quality, unlike some types of nude photography that treat the human body more as abstract form. However, Sturges aims to draw out the models’ own sense of burgeoning sexuality in a straightforward, personal, non-voyeuristic way. Sturges uses a large-format camera to create extremely detailed, finegrained images, while his strong feel for sunlight bathes his models and settings with a shimmering quality. In his writings, Sturges prides himself on the bonds of trust, friendship and collaboration between the photographer, the models and their families. Many of his photographs depict several generations naked together.

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  1. Didn’t his darkroom technician spend some time in jail? I forget all the details. Things today aren’t much better, in fact they are worse.
    Long live Jock Sturges and his great sensual photographs of young people and children!

  2. geez, i just went through all the pages of your blog. it’s simply beautiful. some of these boys are totally breathtaking, it’s crazy. thanks for the time killer XD
    i imagine there aren’t alot of girls around here, but *waves* i am one.
    anyways, i’ll definitely be lurking this thing everyday now, so keep posting :)

  3. I’ve been a long time fan of Sturges. One of my favorites of his photo is a scene of a family (mother, son, sister, and aunt?) standing in a kitchen. I haven’t seen that photo in the longest time. Saw it in one of Sturges published books once and stupidly didn’t buy it at that time. The photo has been engraved in my mind and I’d love to see it again, it is as if the rest of the world was put on hold so that photo could be taken.

    Thanks for bringing this up Josh!


  4. I like the composition of this photo. I think Sturges is inverting stereotypical gender roles: a naked boy is standing in the salient position and so immediately attracts the viewer’s eye. Normally this position would be a female. And in the background, wearing only ‘bottoms’ (like a male would) is a female. The female is looking confidently into the sun while the boy, who strike me as very gay, is positioned in a vulnerable way looking into the camera.
    Perhaps I read too much into the photo but it does strike me as interesting.

  5. hy friends, Stuges: (part 1) and (part 2) Enjoy*it

  6. update for my last message: pass mussorgsky and a BONUS: some bonus-scans in high resolution. (from picture-postcards and other books.

  7. Not particularly a fan of feminine boys. This photo is exceptional though and like Bill I could look at it for ever.

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