17 thoughts on “Johan Palm”

  1. Recently, I have only heard that he was doing concerts, or he would be present during charity festival, but it’s hard since the medias aren’t really on him anymore, maybe check his website or his fan’s forum blogs, I’am sure they keepin touch with their idol and what he does.
    So, I like him a lot, I just haven’t heard anything exciting… Sorry :)

  2. What an intriguing and wonderful face. I am not familiar with Johan… but I would certainly like to be.
    I love his profile and lips….such lovely eyes.

    Ahhhh I see. OK I Googled him. Wonderful.

  3. He is nice but WAYYYY to pale to suit me….he looks like a ghost almost…..he has just never really appealed to much to me.

  4. He was in the video for Crashdiet’s Generation Wild two months ago, I also wonder what he’s up to now, I hope for a new (and better…) album, he’s got a voice but not the right songs…

  5. i talked to him on facebook like a month ago; his new album is in the recording process atm :) he says it’s alot darker and different than antidote and he hopes everyone likes it. and he says there might be a world tour underway in the next year or so!

  6. I love Johan, but I’m not sure if he’s gay or straight, he had a magazine interview where he apparently came out to everyone.

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