Jordan Pisey Windle

Diving phenom Jordan Pisey Windle, at just 13, is the youngest ever to qualify for the U.S. Olympic diving trials, which will be held in Seattle later this month.

But Jordan’s also a young standout in the LGBT community. Adopted from Cambodia as a baby and raised by two gay dads, he recently released his own “It Gets Better” spot, and he will serve as the grand marshal for Central Indian’s upcoming Pride Parade.

Despite his increasing notoriety, Jordan isn’t too preoccupied with his upbringing: “I’ve never actually thought about it,” he says. And the youngster’s sights are set on Rio de Janeiro if he doesn’t make London. “This is a good setup for 2016,” says mentor Greg Louganis, a four-time Olympic gold medallist. “This is a time to learn. It’s a learning process and a journey.”

Jordan Windle's "It Gets Better" message

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  1. Shine your light Jordan so the world might see. You will have so much support and love as you work through this competition. What a great story and family. Here is the inspiration we need as a society in the 21st century.

  2. I totally agree with you PenboyX – simple, honest and sincere, I teared up – pass the tissues someone…

  3. He looks very big for a cambodian 13 year old. American food will do that. Hope he was a true orphan and not an economic one, families are very close there, so I think he would feel more conflicted if his parents were living around Cambodia somewhere.

    it isn’t China, but filial piety is still strong.

  4. He’s clearly a victim of the homosexuals and their homosexual agenda. He would do much better by being an orphan in Cambodia.

    1. Of course, they are gays and all gays only adopt children to rape them. /republican thought process

  5. @ stkyicesf: If you have seen in the past hmmmmmm is a very negative lad.Most likely he just finished eating a dog.I hear that eating dogs well give you that gassy after taste.

    1. being racist are we. Your wonderful country is why cambodia ended up so fucked up. B52s doing secret bombing raids gave the Khmer Rouge the foot hold to ruin the country.

      It’s nice some white guys saved one child from the misery their fathers helped create.

  6. Hey everyone, this is Jordan’s dad. I certainly don’t mind an open discussion, but it is a little hurtful to throw such slings and arrows toward a family you don’t know. I was a Naval Officer and served in the Navy for 11 years. I am intimately familiar with the horrible events during the Vietnam War and the Khmer Rouge terror. Jordan “Pisey” was less than 18 pounds when he was 2 years old. He was malnourished, had scabies, and a urinary tract infection so bad that it nearly caused permanent damage. He certainly would have died had he remained in the orphanage. I don’t consider myself a hero for adopting Jordan. I consider Jordan a hero for being an amazing human being. For overcoming significant obstacles and for reaching a level of success most of us only dream about. I wish you all could meet him. I think your life would not be the same. As a family, we hope to one day return to Cambodia and in some small measure give back to the country that has given not only me and Andres, but the WORLD, this beautiful, talented, kind, and caring human being. I hope those who would try verbally assault our family would visit Jordan’s website to learn a little more about our family. We are all human beings — We all feel…we all love…we all hurt…we all live..and we all will die. I hope that within this generation, we will finally be a united race without the need or desire to hurt others. LET’S MAKE IT A BETTER WORLD – ONE FAMILY AT A TIME!

    1. You sir and your familly (of course) have my entire respect!
      When io get older and have a good husband, i too would like to adopt.

      And some people (no matter were you go..) should use my moto, Dont judge anyone or thing, before you know everything.

    2. Jerry, if you were a Naval Officer in the American Navy for 11 years, you should be in prison for crimes against humanity.

      1. Wow, TonyG… what an obscene apology for a human being you are.
        Mate, this is the wrong place for you.
        You’d fit in way better with Fred Phelps and his misfit crew, because your mind operates on the same level as theirs.
        Do us all a favour and don’t return here.

        To Jerry, and your family – good luck guys :)

      2. I’m not American, but I love the United States for being there around the world when needed.

        Sure there have been mistakes, but I’d rather have America, specifically their men and women in uniform, in my corner than ANYONE else.

        I have huge respect for the USA’s dedication to freedom worldwide.

        No country, however, including the USA, is spared of fools, Tony G fits that bill perfectly. Sorry Tony G, but your comments were nothing more than a drive by smear!

      3. I’m a retired member of the American military. I would suggest if you want me in prison to come and personally arrest me.

          1. I don’t think it’s a threat. It does look like pointing to the fact that 99% of this kind of Internet fighters are nothing more than a filling for the space between a chair and a keyboard.

      4. Tony G… you need to take the shades off! You have got to see the whole picture…
        Why do people concentrate on judging instead of doing something good for mankind (LOVE)? What’s the whole point 0f this unkind comment, Tony G?

    3. Jerrry,

      You would think this would be the last place to get bullied either by homophobes, xenophobes, racists ,d ultra religious right wing christian extremists. Unfotunatly this is not the case. You make a loving partner and father. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

      Love, hugs and kisses.


  7. Do you not realize that this is a place where people come to feel welcome and discover some sense of acceptance and belonging, however minute. I am disappointed that certain members of the LGBT community, which I am so pridefully a part of, do not translate the ostracism and pain we must undergo into the lives of other people. Thank you, Jerry, for defending your son unlike some fathers who would by-stand and allow such intolerable behavior to gain acceptance. I love you all very much, please improve this race we’re a part of. have a nice day.

    1. Chase – better words have not been uttered here in a long time. As for Jerry the father – he did what any good father would do – and bless him for that. To many people in the LGBTQ community forget or chose to ignore the ignorance and hate – why? Well it doesn’t affect them. We should – no we must know better. Good Job Chase -

  8. My first thought was… this kid has an infectious smile.

    You read this story, and you wonder how a child who started with nothing in this world but a key, can possibly smile.

    11 years later, this child is nurtured and loved. This young man is talented, and displays a confidence seldom seen.

    What effects does gay marriage have on society? What effects does same sex couples adopting and raising a child? Here is one example of such an effect. It is far from the doom and gloom the church preaches. It is quite possibly saving a life. If Jordan had survived in the orphanage, one might think crime might have been a way of life for him. Perhaps drugs, prostitution, or any number of other perils. Jerry, you might not consider yourself a hero. In your son’s eyes, you and Andres are heros. Jordon is also a hero, and an excellent example of the potential of humanity. A true example of it does get better.

    Thank you for sharing your story. What our LGBT youth needs is positive role models. People who show them its perfectly ok for you to be who you are.

  9. What a wounderful son and what wounderful parents he is so luck to have. It’s a disgrace that there are so many hateful folks out there,and I’am assuming that most are gay. Isn’t there plenty of hate coming towards the gay community with out some members of the gay community throwing hate out to others.

  10. Tony G.:

    Jerry, if you were a Naval Officer in the American Navy for 11 years, you should be in prison for crimes against humanity.

    Oh give it a rest. What a jackass.

    1. The only “rest” that the American armed forces give the world is “Rest in Peace”. According to America’s own rules, the Nuremberg Protocol, following orders is not a valid defense.

  11. In regards to the negative omments, “No one oppresses like the oppressed”, as the quote goes.
    This family is a beautiful example of the power of love. Jordan comes accross as talented, kind-hearted boy, and his parents as compassionate, loving people. Let’s celebrate them for that.

  12. I understand where Tony is coming from, but fail to comprehend the choice of forum. I would advice one of the many political boards perhaps?

  13. Congrats to this little boy and his two Dads. They make me proud to be LGBT, unlike the people who posted hateful comments. The only thing one can do in a situation like this instead of banning the hate or denying its existence is hopefully drown it out with positive thoughts. So here comes some more: Good luck in your career Jordan. And to Jordan’s Dads: You point the way toward the future my friends, when LGBT people will be able to love, adopt, marry, and do everything else our str8 brethren have been able to do for so many years so good for u. You love that child and be proud for it. :)

  14. Of course, if he was born in Cambodia and was adopted in US, he would say that he is very happy because child in Cambodia can’t even feed normally. so of course, 2 daddy is better than suffering in Cambodian jungle

    p.s. another propagada about how two daddies are cool :D do not wash our brains ;)

  15. This is one amazing story developed over time, truly amazing and happy to see Jordan diving for the USA. Jerry and Andres are incredible father’s to their son Jordan. Nothing in their lives takes precedence over Jordan, that was before Jordan took to the diving platforms and was out of this world fantastic and it remains. Jerry is an amazing man and Andres for many years a great athlete and friend. If you tune in during these 2012 USA Olympic trials, you will see Jordan diving certain events. Jordan if you are reading this, best of luck to you, a phenomenal diver and inspiring friend. Your video is the BEST and don’t listen to anyone otherwise if they say different. Take care of your Dad’s, Love and miss you All. Chuck

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