Kazuma Ikezawa Action Figure

The main character in Summer Wars is Kenji Koiso. He’s 17. But it was Kazuma Ikezawa, a 13-year-old side character and computer hacker, who was made an action figure by Alter (or their male line Altair) last year. I happened to come across it in a small otaku shop in Akihabara in December 2011.

I guess I never fully understood the obsession with action figures until I found this one. Or when it found me. Or shall I say when he found me? :p What a beautiful craft by sculptor Sen-U Tanaka!

I did buy some smaller action figures before, mainly from Ashita no Joe and Sailor Moon. But never before did I happily pay over 6,000 yen for an action figure. Hello otaku world!


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  1. Nice craftmenship on the action figure – probably the first Japanese Emo creation. I own the Anime Movie “Summer Wars” on blu-ray and it is fantastic. Seriously you should buy or rent it!

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  3. Beautiful! I couldn’t help searching and ordering one.. A little expensive but it got to me.

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  6. I need to buy this at some point. Also thinking of cosplaying this character at some point. My summer time skin tone will be just perfect for it!

  7. I saw this figure, and loved it so I tracked down summer wars to watch. It was an amazing anime so touching so thanks for bringing this to light for me.

  8. I fell in love with Kazuma when I watched Summer Wars. Then, when I stumbled across this figure a few months ago on EBay, I knew I had to have him. Ended up shelling out almost $100 US, but he’s worth it. Kazuma is easily one of the hottest anime boys there is.

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