Kids safe from Queers at McDonalds

Remember that time McDonald’s tried reaching to gay fans of heart disease and cholesterol spikes with that France-only ad featuring a son coming out to his father even ‘tho they turn away transgender job applicants and scream "faggots" at customers in their U.S. stores? It got the U.S. National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce so furious with the restaurant chain it dropped all ties with McDonald’s, claiming the ad — which the burger giant went on to say would never air in the U.S. — amounted to "blatant geographic pandering to the LGBT community while McDonald’s has continued to distance itself from the LGBT segment in the United States. To allow people to believe that McDonald’s is the kind of partner portrayed in this ad would be a complete failure on our part to serve as an honest and trusted resource for LGBT people and our families to help make informed decisions in the marketplace."

Well at least McDonald’s isn’t blatantly pandering to the LGBT community in New Zealand: The chain’s restaurants there are blocking gay and gay-friendly websites from being accessed on its free WiFi connection. The Internet access, now available in 132 New Zealand locations, won’t let visitors check out sites like,, and the support service group Rainbow Youth’s site. Why the blockade? Because, of course, McDonald’s wants to make sure any computer screens in its shops are family friendly. Says McDonald’s managing director Mark Hawthorn: "We do have a responsibility to make sure any information available on our system is child friendly and we will go a long way to protect that." Five hundred seventy-six calories in a Big Mac, then, is child friendly? [via]


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    1. I can see blocking porn (gay or straight)… but we’re talking about dating sites. I am curious – do they block heterosexual dating sites?

      1. nzdating is largely heteroesexual – though it’s the site of choice in nz. Gaydar, gayromeo, broonline (a new zealand aids foundation site), and a couple of others have limited members – though nzdating is the place to be – straight or gay or otherwise.

        So in answer to your question (i really ought to stop coming on here drunk – cheap wine here in berlin though… win) yes, similar hetero sites were also blocked. Thus, it can be argued (as in my comment below) that no discrimination has taken place, except against those that want to find a shag on the internet while they’re eating their big macs. good for them.

    2. I hate clowns… Ihate McDonalds anyway so this makes me think that they are just the same as they have been forever. Intolerant!

      1. I have never been working with Mc but one of my classmates did. What she told, was quite unbelieveable… Just for U to know, my profession is cook. Still, they are intolerant!

  1. Sounds like I need to take my lappy into the McDonalds near me and start playing my Marilyn Manson videos while eating a big mac…. even though their food sucks. I wonder what they’d make of Doppelherz….

  2. First they feed the costumer shit and call it food, then they give us this and call it policy, those fart-knockers

  3. :/ Well, McDonalds typically is filled with idiots who don’t care about their own health, so how would they know what’s safe for their kids…

  4. In high school, my friend and I called Ronald the Faggot Clown! My friend would only eat at Burger King (that was in the days when the Whaler was enormous not a square nugget of fish-like substance).

    This is nothing new to marketing. Play to the audience. Whatever the reason, the LGBT community is less of a target than the ‘joe sixpack-gotta-hate-fags” demographic. I suspect it is due to the number of corporations now owned or sensitive to the Rupert Murdock types, the Randolph Hearst of today. This is all a play for numbers and profit. That is all any of our society is truly interested in.

    They lie, cheat, belittle and steal to make their numbers… and if you find them on your side, you can bet your butt they are in bed with the enemy, so to speak.

    Don’t boycott McDonalds for betraying the GLBT in America. Boycott them for feeding us shit for 50 years. Ray Crock learned that humans love fat, grease, salt and sugar. It is a market winner. Being homosexual is not any more.

    1. The reason I don’t eat at McDonalds has nothing to do with corporate policy or the GLBT community… it’s because their food tastes like crap and the servers are always rude ghetto trash (or at least they are around here).

          1. They’re reacting to the term “rude ghetto trash” that I used…. and in the process assuming two things:

            1. That everyone that lives in ghettos is black or hispanic.

            2. That I’m white.

            Number 1 is far from true, rendering number 2 irrelevant whether it’s true or not and making their reaction to the phrase more a reflection of their own ignorance then my choice of words was indicative of racism on my part.

            1. I was actually reacting more to the use of the word trash.
              I’m from a family whose grandfather (15 in 1939) was born in Poland
              and finished the second world war in a concentration camp, having
              spent the preceding five years as a slave labourer under nazi
              occupation and we know something about the sort of people who label
              others as trash. It’s not so far from applying that sort of label
              to others to allowing that situation to thrive. And of course we
              gays took up other space in those gas chambers… Palin is in all
              sorts of trouble for carelessly using a rifle sight to identify her
              political rivals, these things come back to haunt one. Please be
              more careful. The German pastor Martin Niemöller said: First they
              came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a
              Communist Then they came for the Socialists And I did not speak out
              Because I was not a Socialist Then they came for the trade
              unionists And I did not speak out Because I was not a trade
              unionist Then they came for the Jews And I did not speak out
              Because I was not a Jew Then they came for me And there was no one
              left To speak out for me They did indeed come for him, but luckily
              he somehow survived and left us his wise words. Peace and love, and
              thanks for the support OneNorth, fb I hold no remit for McDonalds,
              I’ve only been in twice, but a job is always useful.

            2. Wow, sorry I brought in the nazis in under 50 comments, but
              maybe its legitimate this time? fb

            3. The placement of your concerns astounds me.

              I myself worry far more about the type of people that would tell me how I should or must speak, act, or conduct myself eventually coming to get me and tossing me in a concentration camp then people who would call me “trash”, “freak”, “fa***t”, or any of the million other “insults” that have been directed at me.

              There are a lot of disrespectful words I won’t use because they describe aspects about people they cannot control (including a certain “f” word I see constantly tossed around this and other gay oriented sites), but when it comes to words that describe their demeanor, attitude, manner of dress, etc., I have no problem calling a spade a spade….. or, in this case, calling trash trash.

              I’m sorry if that offends you, but unless I’m on your payroll, being told now I should talk offends me.

  5. You know,
    I work at Mc donalds in another country, and we also have WIFI but im not sure about the blocking service.
    Yes I agree they should block certain things like porn sites ( but who cares if they gay porn or “normal” porn..?) But I dont see why they should make difference between gay and normal porn? thats just really assholy. Not to mention that gay support sites should always be legal, what can be found that is so shocking ?

    I work at mcdonalds yea xD But I dont really like the company or the work. But I adore my collegues, they are the best people ever.

  6. I got and gave a lot of memorable teenage handjobs in the McDonald’s bathroom. I always found their stores to be QUITE gay friendly!

  7. McDonalds is such a large transnational corporation, to say anything about the company as an entirety is wrong. The company in certain countries shall have different attitudes than that in other countries. Even on a regional level, every single individual store shall be different to each other.

    1. So they’re only gay-friendly when it’s the easy thing to do. They won’t stand up for what’s right when it gets a little difficult. Because they don’t care about anything besides profit. I haven’t liked McDonalds’ swill food in at least a few years, but the fact that they only pretend they care about me if I’m French does not make me want to eat there any more than I do now (and anything could be more than zero).

  8. The main reaction we had here in France about that ad you mention is a good laugh and the questioning, how did they spend money on making that so incongruent stuff.

  9. fb:

    Not that you want to sound racist or anything?
    Er, why do you keep coming back here?

    Ghetto has nothing to do with race, I like how ironic it is to think that ghettos = black, it could mean latino, and there are white people in typical American ghettos, Asians and more. Its refers mostly to the level of wealth, even though thats not what a ghetto really is.

    1. Neither I nor FB mentioned any particular race. It’s interesting that you just assumed that we were talking about blacks.

      Plus, your arguments about the true meaning of the word “ghetto” and who can live there miss the mark. We all know that ghetto is a racially charged word. I’m sure that Mr. Sixle was not talking about mid-century Poles.

      But, if not racist, then he was being classist, elitist, or discriminating on the basis of geography. In any case, he was making generalizations that have no place in the discussion of whether McDonald’s is doing essentially the same thing by filtering websites too broadly and discriminating against anything gay-related.

      And, he equated a group of human beings to garbage.

      However, given Mr. Sixle’s convoluted response to the criticism, I’m inclined to believe that my original conclusion was pretty close to the truth.

  10. That photo…….i’ve seen it on my freinds facebook….as a matter of fact, i was there when that was taken……..unless its just incredibly similar

  11. Instead of focusing on the negative, its good to make note of the fact that standing alone, McDonald’s French ad is an excellent one.

    1. @ Bacjjb
      ”McDonald’s French ad is an excellent one.” R u serious? The ad was a poorly concievd pandering attempt toward French LGBT Community to sell their shitty junk foods, periode.

    2. The ad basically said, “It’s okay to be who you want to be at McDonald’s, as long as you still closet yourself from your dad who won’t accept you.”

  12. See update at

    “After likening gay content sites to those promoting tobacco, gambling, and “adult mature content websites,” McDonald’s altered the filter, allowing more news sites, Stuff reports. GayNZ is still blocked due to third-party advertisements that were too “sexually explicit” and do not meet the company’s family- or child-friendly criteria, said McDonald’s communications manager Christine Dennis. “

    1. And this is the problem I have with the snippet of the
      Queerty article posted above. It, like the piece on Mayor
      Bloomberg, made it seem as if McDonald’s was singling out Gay
      themed websites, when in actuality the filtering of these sites was
      part of a much broader policy targeting anything the company found
      to be non-family-friendly.

  13. Thanks, Brad, for the update. So often with stories like
    this, we’re presented with a charged situation, and nothing of any
    subsequent action. A friend in NZ posted this on her facebook and
    was terribly upset about it all. My initial reaction was to ask why
    anyone in the glbt community eats at McDonalds anyway (though, my
    bf does… so, yeah – nevermind). Though, another facet of this
    story is that it suggests that the glbt community has been unfairly
    singled out and discriminated against. The reality is that any
    similarly ‘unstuiable’ site in a heterosexual context was also
    blocked. No specific discrimination came into play here. Further,
    how many glbt Mcdonalds customers ACTUALLY wanted to sit in the
    stores and use the wireless to access sites such as gaynz or
    nzdating? to be fair – McDs is hardly the place to be cruising
    online. I also don’t think it’s out of the question that sites
    containing pornographic images/advertising be blocked from view by
    Mcdonalds, given their target market. And this is another point –
    McDoanlds is a private company – they’re offering wifi for free. In
    my opinion, they can do whatever the fuck they like with it. We
    love to get upset about things. McDonalds fixed this rapidly. End
    of issue? I think so. Still blocking sites that people want to
    access? Maybe they could go home and look those sites up there.

  14. I can’t really speak for the company as a whole, but I work at a McDonald’s in Titusville, FL (NOT an area known for it’s friendliness to people who are in anyway different), and I’ve never had a problem with anyone harassing me for being gay. I’m not the only one either – two gay guys and three lesbians work there and all of the other employees know, and none of them care (or if they do, they’re civil enough to keep their opinions to themselves).

    The company, overall, might be shitty, and the food is always bad for you. But it’s not always a horrible place to work, depending on where you live I suppose.

    edit: Also, we also have free WiFi at the McDonald’s I work at, and nothing is blocked. at least not gaytube O:-)

  15. sad truth is this is a business move by them, and its actually pretty easy one to make for them.

    which is the larger population in the us (that goes to mcdonals)

    a) redneck, religious, homophobes (or any people who dont like talking to “screaming” queers)

    b) lgbt community

    you could make a case that this is bad enough pr for alot of people who are outside the community to be mad, but this story hasnt been loud enough for that to be a factor.

  16. McDonald’s is hypocritical, trying to play both sides, and I will not be spending $ there. But I definitely applaud New Zealand McD’s for blocking access to gay (and other sexually oriented!) websites when minors are involved. LGBT community is miffed? WHO CARES?! I used to have a neutral view of gays. Now, my view of LGBT is completely, intensely, overwhelmingly negative. Thank all the militant activists pushing their “educational” programs and trying to force approval of their strange and sinful “lifestyles”. It’s about time for a nice, big backlash against the queers (so glad LGBT has embraced this term – much more suitable than “gay/s”). I think everyone who still has some decent values should borrow a few ideas from the Muslims. They have very few queer activists. And you don’t see the LGBT community “acting up” in front of (let alone inside of!) mosques. Why is that, do you suppose? Christians and Jews used to be just as “understanding” as Muslims when it came to their LGBT brethren. We need to bring that back. The first step is for everyone to stop giving a care if we offend a tiny minority of spoiled, sulky deviants. The second step is to protect children from the latest “educational” influence. Finally, re-introduce the “fear (or awe) of God”. I know the queers won’t like me even “daring” to say this. Go cry to Lady
    Gaga, then. Waaaah. “Normal” is the new “normal.” Pass it on…

    1. If I’m looking for people with decent values, I am starting as far away from you as possible.

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