King of Nowhere

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The wind in your hair is the freedom we share
A tear in your eye proves at least that you try


8 thoughts on “King of Nowhere”

  1. This might be after the zombie apocalypse.

    He and a few other people made it out of the city with a trailer. The tiara was the only thing he could grab when they ran, the only thing that will be there to remember him about his sister who couldn’t make it, who is now one of them.

    Before the end of the world he was a smart kid, someone who stood up against people who thought wars and aggressiveness can solve every problems, who thought they could bully the world into their mindset.

    But by now his shirt has a new meaning.

    “If war is the answer we are asking the wrong question”

    When the first infected started to attack the survivors most people didn’t hesitate to shoot them. Remove the head, destroy the brain. That’s what they learnt. That’s the way they always solved their problems. Muslims or illegal immigrants, the only answer they ever knew was violence.

    But what if there is another answer? What if we can find a cure and heal the infected, bring them back? Aren’t they still people? Isn’t she still his sister?

    He wouldn’t hurt her, no matter what she is now.

    He would run and wait. Out there.
    He will be the King of Nowhere.

  2. “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”

    It takes more courage to walk away and surrender an ideal than to pick up a stick and wade in against the other side.

  3. “King of Nowhere”

    He’s got a good face for the role. He looks like Richard II. In fact that background (with his clothes and the tiara) would make a good setting for a contemporary production of the play – featuring only adolescents in the roles.

    By the way, if you’ve got any recommendations for really good zombie movies, then I would be pleased to hear them…

    1. ArtificialHuman:

      “War is the natural state for humanity.”

      But given the technology we have with which to wage it….doesn’t that make us doomed as a species?

      Surely the challenge for man is to master his own nature – “Know Thyself”. But then again, perhaps only a very few have the time, the opportunity and the education to really do this.

      My personal feeling is that we have entered a pre-War, as opposed to a post-War, period. But I hope that I am wrong. Another global conflict might be both bloodier and more destructive than either of the previous two.

      1. Oil, Gas and Coal are running out. At this point another world war is just a matter of time.

        I try to remain positive, but I see the mass religious hysteria and intolerance levelled at the gay community, and this is during a time of peace and prosperity.

        What is our fate once people become scared, hungry and desperate?

        All our progress, our technology, every step toward enlightenment, compassion and peace as a species.

        None of it will mean anything, if there is no one left.

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