12 thoughts on “Komm, Vöglein, sing, sing, sing!”

  1. OT Is 12chan safe? I noticed a pic below has a link to 12chan. i once went there and it mades me uneasy

  2. Now that’s a damn shame when people be throwing away a perfectly good white boy like dat!

  3. This beautiful youth holding a stem, a broken one with a dangling yellow rose, and sitting naked in a dump, symbolises to me the winning of the human body in its youth over trash. What do you think? Claude

  4. This photo is by Photographer Terry Smith , and the name of the photo is Jody aint Trash.
    I love this guys work, he is currently making a documentary on all the boys he photographed.

  5. Absolutely FANTASTIC shot!!! At once it’s beautiful and very funny!!! The guy is wonderful 2 look at and admire. Brilliant.

  6. Omg he is a hot,cute,adorable blonde nude boy, I love his blonde dread locks and by the looks of it he’s got a six pack aswell.

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