Kucinich drops out of Presidential Race

That’s it. Dennis Kucinich said today that he is ending his long-shot presidential bid as he faces a tough fight to hold onto his other job — U.S. congressman. Good luck Dennis and thanks for spreading some hope! See you in 2012 ;)


14 thoughts on “Kucinich drops out of Presidential Race”

  1. Thank God, One commie down two more to go!!!! Maybe he'll find a UFO or something. Go McCain!!! A real American Hero. By the way i love your blog. Keep up the good / GREAT work.

  2. It's so sad to see the superficial way some Americans participate in politics. GOP says it all: rancor and angst without knowledge, thoughtfulness or substance. And they wonder why the world wants them to stay home… they're so f'ing egotistical they think they've been put on this Earth to force it's inhabitants to become exactly like them (warring, money-crazy, energy-guzzling, invasive bigoted zealots).

  3. And no, my comment in no way supports any group who thinks that killing is an acceptable way of promoting one's self-interest… no matter what political cause or stripe. This type of base thought occupies far too much of our world and serves its proponents' justifications for more of the same. An eye-for-an-eye attitude simply titilates the most base of our animal instincts.

  4. Thanks ecusen. I really didn't know where to begin. Liberal europe and canada weep together at the total idiocy of people like Gop. Thankyou.

  5. I will never understand republican gays. It's like Jewish Nazis, Black KKK members, or people on death row in Texas being for the death penalty. I'm not sure why so many Americans are so stupid. After seven years of lies, they still believe asshole Bush.

  6. Im a Republican Gay, and it is nothing like being a Jewish Nazi, a Black KKK member, et al…you're simply revealing your ignorance. First of all, a solid number of GOP members, including Mayor Giuliani, have done far more for gay and lesbian rights than any Democrat in the presidential race. Second of all, its not as if I'm going to let one issue shape my entire system of political philosophy. There are democrats that believe strongly in the individual right to bear arms, just as there are republicans that champion roe v. wade and are strongly pro-choice. Gay marriage is just another issue that, in my opinion, pales in comparison to the grander spectrum of political thought. If you're so bent on the rights marriage provides you under the law, then by all means make a secular commitment to your life partner, grant him or her power of attorney, and you are essentially assured all the basic rights a married couple is granted under the same terms.

    The notion of gay rights is about 6th on my list of importance in terms of the direction our nation's political agenda needs to take. The obtuse nature of society's penchant towards political correctness will handle itself sufficiently; suffice to say, I find issues such as national and homeland security, health care, and fiscal policy to be of a far greater importance. Those gays that choose to mold their political system on the base of the fact that they feel the undying urge to 'marry' their counterpart are self-indulgent and ignorant. At this current moment in history, I feel that gay marriage is one of the least pressing issues of our time.

    I would also like to add this simple statement to those Canadians and Brits posting above. Throughout the history of the world, particularly the events that transpired in the twentieth century, America has been the sole country on the planet to stand up for the values that it places unabashed faith in; those values including the fundamental human rights, the right to self-determination, the precept of national sovereignty, and so on. It was America that eventually led the campaign against the axis in World War I; it was America that saved countless victims of the holocaust, as well as the populations of several key European countries, from obliteration when Germany (and Europe as a whole) succumbed to the power of Hitler. Ask anyone alive in Korea at the time of the Korean war what they thought of America. I shudder to consider the fate of those countries, and the world at large, if Americans had not shed blood on their soil. And I think that's something you should consider before you make such blanketed, ignorant statements targeted at the Greatest nation in the world (and yes, to be quite honest, I do believe it is).

    But what do I know, I'm just a teenager in America.

  7. While ace makes sense in his first two paragraphs, there is great ignorance in his final statement. Typically arrogant and historically inaccurate, he claims that "America has been the sole country on the planet" to stand up for democratic values. This is absolute nonsense. His history teachers should be ashamed if this is the sort of revisionist silliness he was taught. As a seemingly literate individual, he should be ashamed of himself for buying into such jingoistic impossibilities. This type of chest-beating posturing would be amusing if it weren't the cause of the world's greatest ills.

    Ultimately, he makes for me my point regarding global bullying. This undeserved feeling of entitlement and superiority is why the world is as frightening a place as it is. There is little difference between one leader or another – one nation or another – seeking world dominance. Every aggressor believes in the greatness of its purpose.

  8. Just a necessary note of clarification: while I believe ace made some sense in his argument about the social issue of gay marriage (other issues are more urgent) that doesn't mean I agree with its conclusion. You can't ultimately champion "fundamental human rights" while in the same breath believe in the concept of separate but equal. This is no more logical than championing "the right to self-determination [and] the precept of national sovereignty" while endorsing the military invasion of every corner of this Earth.

  9. Ace, I couldn't have said it any better. You understand to true meaning of the word FREEDOM. I don't understand the extreme hatred from our Brittish and Canadian friends from above. I was simple given my pol. leanings and didn't get to name calling. If you want to see pure evil i think that you should look at the commies, that denied Sen McCain basic human needs as a POW, that have denied Cubans freedom, that had to build a wall in Europe to keep their Citizens IN!!! Don't be angry, be happy that you have your health and Freedom because some people in this world don't have this basic human need. I thank my parents and god everyday that i was Lucky enough to be born AMERICAN. Also to ecusen i believe you meant Liberation.

  10. @GOP

    Doh! Silly me. I thought you were being *serious*! Turns out you're just being sarcastic, making a joke, and I missed it! You should be on the Late Show, you're really funny!

    Kucinich, Clinton and Obama all communists! Hahahahahahahahaha. How did I not realise you were making a joke!

    McCain a supporter of freedom, liberty, and the ideals of 1776, an all american hero, when he doesn't even support equal civil rights for gay people! Hahahahahahahahaha. You crack me up! How did I not realise you were making a joke! It's so *obvious* that nobody who believes what McCain believes could *possibly* believe in freedom and the ideals of 1776. Ah, me so stupid, you so funny!

    Commies! UFOs! Voting for someone who hates gay people and believes in suppressing our civil rights!

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha gnrmph heave hahahahahahahaha rofl crash.


    Yes, the documents of 1776 almost certainly *are* the best in the world, and the freedom they promise liberated people to thrive, and to produce everything that is best about America today. *All* the candidates will *claim* to support the ideals of 1776. Now go vote for someone who actually *does*.

    *Nobody* who believes in suppressing the civil rights of gay people can claim to be supporting the ideals of freedom embodied in 1776, or be trusted to uphold the constitution.

  11. Thank you GOP, for being a brilliant illustration of my point. Your myopic understanding of the world allows you to think the actions you hate in others are honourable when practiced by those of your ilk. Such obvious hypocrisy is lost on the intellectually-challeneged.

    This sort of xenophobic paranoia is sad. Perhaps you can list some more "types" of people you hate and we can add them to the right-wing list of whom to invade or whom to deny rights. Let's pray that the world soon comes to its senses and becomes subservient to the values you have decided to embrace. Lord knows there should be no other way of thinking, and those who dare to believe they might differ from you should be imprisoned or killed. Only then will the world be safe.

    And I thank my parents too – one a proud, thinking American by the way – that I was born in a country where thought and compassion are revered… where we're not afraid of what we don't agree with… where ego and self-interest are tempered with intellect.

  12. Gay marriage is neither a civil right nor a human right. Period. To say it is is complete nonsense.

    And ecusen, I see your point, so let me clarify mine. I don't mean to pretend that America is the only country that promotes the democratic ideal, because thats nott rue by any stretch. It is, however, my firm belief that American (and to a similar extent Great Britain) are two of only a handful of countries that are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to uphold those ideals in foreign nations, to support a people they will never meet, and give their lives so freedom can be enjoyed in Korea, Poland, Germany, France, et al.

  13. I'd also like to add that it's very late and my post above was atypical rubbish so you all might as well just ignore it.

  14. ace wrote: "Gay marriage is neither a civil right nor a human right. Period. To say it is is complete nonsense."

    At the philosophical level I could happily sustain the argument that the very concept of rights (including 'civil rights' and 'human rights') is totally meaningless. The so-called 'rights' of others are no more and no less than the *duties* we *choose* to impose on ourselves. In practical reality a person *has* no rights other than those granted, unearned, by the selfless generosity of others. So-called 'human rights' and 'civil rights' are just the entirely proper consensus about what our obligations towards each other ought to be, if we are to rub along peaceably on our shared planet.

    As to gay marriage: to grant certain legal rights and civil recognitions to mixed-gender couples and then *deny* the same legal rights and civil recognitions to same-gender couples represents a prejudice that is utterly unacceptable amongst civilised people, revealing the irrationality and prejudice of a person who cannot be trusted with the great powers of state. I refuse to be treated as a second-class citizen by those in power because of who loves me and whom I love, and you should do the same. I demand the rights of full and equal citizenship. It is not up to me to justify that demand: it is up to those who deny me those rights to justify their denial of them. Watch them squirm. In 2008 they are not fit to govern me, or you, or anybody. Any compromise on this issue is a compromise with prejudice that accepts the recognition of gay people as less than full citizens – as less than fully human.

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