38 thoughts on “Kyler, oh Kyler”

  1. I like him because he always seems to be having so much fun in his videos. (I would be having fun doing that too lol)

    1. I find porn where the actors are clearly pretending or just being there quite boring this days. The porn I like is the one where the actors are actually having some fun. For me it’s not that much about the sexy bodies or the action, it’s all about the excitement and the fun. Kyler Moss is one of the best at it.

    2. Exactly right, ScottyP! Kyler looks to be enjoying so much in his vids… He has excellent technique too, such as some of the wonderful no-hands BJ he does… the way nature intended it :-)

  2. What a cutie – and fit too . =-)

    How come neither flash-got nor real player downloads seem to work ….. ?

    1. if you register with the site that is hosting the clip, you can download directly from the site.

      they have a link for it, but only if you register for free.

  3. His voice is cute, and a nice smooth bod, no pubes, I bet he is fun to play with. Boy he moves round a bit lol. I’ll book him for a bit I think hehe.

  4. What a gorgeous boy! But oh, how could anyone bear to cut him? What a barbarian thing to do, to take his foreskin and mar his perfect beauty.

      1. Also, he’s not circumcised. you can see it clearly right at the first moment when his organ shows :)

  5. He is such a hotie.Love that smile and that beautiful head of hair he keeps flipping around that handsome face,and not to leave out that well developing body that this lad has.He has a very cute penis that I also have fallen in love with. He has nice trimed pubs and a very nice FUNDAMENTS which he proudly shows off,and I can’t find fault with him doing that.If I had that I show it off too.

  6. Couldn’t get the download to work properly to enjoy his ‘teasingly sexy’ hand job. Love his smooth, soft body.

  7. hey hey hey hey…..

    can anyone find a solution to download it? i want to keep seeing this beautiful adorable sexy and happy smiling face all the time in my old iphone 1. well, time to give that old machine last boost of joy XD

    1. The straightforward way would be to become a member of BoyCrush. You will of course need to cross their palm with silver. :-)

  8. “Porn Acting” does not affect me :/.
    I can’t believe some of you think he is actually having fun.

    1. Well, he’s good at his job. I would imagine most people enjoy doing what they’re good at.

  9. He’s definitely a sweet hottie boy. Reminds me bit of young Brent Corrigan. There’s a mega sweetie on Broke Straight Boys named Kodi who would be absolutely smoking hot to see paired up with the delicious Kyler.

  10. Too bad we didn’t get to see him cum. I’d love to make love to him in bed and tie him up..mmm

  11. Kyler is super hot and fun. He’s my current fave pornstar, his bieber impression was awesome.

    Even in a solo video he makes it come alive.

  12. I hate his behaviour. He is physically good but his behaviour make him be ugly to me.
    Normally I’m obsessed by boys, but in this case it disgusts me.

  13. What a pleasure to watch Skyler in that clip.
    He has such great cock and balls. I think he is one of the most hot boys in porn right now. He is too sexy.
    How anyone (gay) could be turned off by him is a mystery to me.

  14. Yep! He’s anything but boring. Quite a showman. Very pleasurable to watch in that clip. To see him cum would have been nice, but you have to pay for the full length video.

  15. Damn i just Love Kyler Moss, he is so Hot, Sexy and Damn Cute looking..Just Fantastic:)

  16. It’s really incredible how many vids this gorgeous boy has made for BoyCrush. He’s incredibly beautiful, a natural exhibitionist, highly sexed and having the time of his life doing it with lots of other delicious boys, and making money to boot. He’s one damn lucky lad.

  17. What I wouldn’t give to explore every inch of that luscious guy with my mouth…the oysters look especially appetizing!

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