Late Bloomer

Craig Macneill and Clay McLeod Chapman’s 2005 Sundance-selected short film "Late Bloomer" is a funny, weird mashup of HP Lovecraft’s classic monologues about the horrors lurking in unsuspected places and the embarrassment of attending sex-ed class at school. [Found at Boing Boing]

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30 thoughts on “Late Bloomer”

  1. Amusing, and a definite throw-back to HP Lovecraft’s … er … craft, as it were. Pretty hilarious, especially the various expressions worn by the teacher and the students during the clip.
    Thanks, Josh.

  2. Haven’t you posted this before? Either way,it was funny and I’m glad to have seen it again.

  3. Can anyone say, Over The Top? Yeah, there were just a few seconds cute and possibly funny, but the rest of it (though very well filmed) was, in my opinion, just playing to the expected immaturity of pretty much everyone’s acceptance of anything sexual, particularly at those ages. I didn’t laugh at anything and the voice-over quickly became obnoxious.

    I can’t help but wonder what the this video maker’s primary intent in making this and their intended audiences? My guess is the same reasons Porky’s and American Pie series (et al) were made — just to intensify the immaturity of people regarding teenage sex.

    I enjoy comedy as much as anyone and have lots of DVDs to genuinely laugh at. But I think we need to get off this seemingly perpetual “laugh train” regarding anything sexual among teenagers. I’m not saying I can’t laugh at some things, I’m just saying we need better material than this for the masses — it’s no wonder we have so much ignorance regarding puberty and teen sex (not to mention adult sex as well).

    Sorry to rain on your parades, I just see this for what it really is. I’m only shooting the message, not the messenger. Let the flames begin (or, as it is on the board, get out your crayons)!

  4. Well i agree with you, it is a “brilliant” video. But the director, author or someone else must be kidding, giving such a beautyfull Boy such a stupid voice.

  5. wonder is this was inspired by a true story…. can’t find much other motivation to make this haha

    although, that would be pretty hot, and hilarious to see in person

  6. Creepy dialog –
    but epic facial expressions
    by the boy.
    Oh he’s so very cute . Good on him …

      1. Thanks for those links…he’s still very good looking. Very interesting face….be awesome to hear his real voice.

  7. boy was this… disapointing…
    haven’t seen anything this annoying in a while… that terrible voice…
    really big fail…

  8. It did remind me of all those embarrassing spontaneous erections I’d get at achool. Some, admittedly, were triggered by sexual thoughts about some of my classmates… (But I never left “strings of mother of pearl on the linoleum” like this boy apparently did.)

  9. Different but loved it. Reminds me of my younger night terrors finding myself naked in class and waking up hoping it was a dream.

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