19 thoughts on “Lee Dong Hoon”

  1. As a young boy I was always attracted to boys with effeminate good looks. This boy reminds me of a cute Chinese boy down the street from my grandmother’s house in Monterey California. At the age of 8 I had a puppy love crush on him.

  2. This boy is very cutes especially when he smiles. He has such a beautiful smile which shows off his good set of teeth.

  3. By the name, i’m thinking he’s Korean? What a charming, lovely smile. More diversity! yeah baby, yeah :)

  4. I think the smile alone says everything about this boy. I wonder why guys can’t just be happy with that? Not all guys but well you know who you are. Just my opinion.

    1. There is something about a smile that over shadows other facial features. Perhaps because it is the most animated feature.

  5. @zenji: Do you really think this boy is Korean. I’am so glad I came upon your comment,because I thought he was Irish.

  6. @zenji: That tag on the left hand bottom of photo says,South Korea. That was my second clue that he was a Korean boy. The first clue was the name. I spent 12 months in South Korea when I was in the 3rd Armored Div.

    1. Do you really think we care that you spent time in korea? Stop being an asshole to people and get out of your parents basement.

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