Let’s Play!

If you’re playing Team Fortress 2 you can join me and some other milkies on our very own server now! It’s located in Stockholm so your ping should be fine if you’re connecting from Europe. We’re playing mostly Medieval Mode with some little surprises (but nothing annoying or game-breaking).

Server: Finn’s Fortress [24/7 DeGroot Keep // No Random Crits] (IP

You can also join us in our Steam Group by the way to connect to other gayming milkies!


19 thoughts on “Let’s Play!”

  1. So, did you replace all the characters in it with anime beauties like the one in that picture? :D

      1. Actually, that’s false. Skins can very much be server side, and forced on all connecting clients.


        On my server, we have a few touhou models for a few classes, a “naked” skin for all classes but the Pyro, almost all the robot skins, etc. A client can select which skin to utilize by typing in /mm into the chat.

          1. I’m pretty sure that it’s enabled by default. A person needs to specifically opt-out of downloads in their TF2 settings, rather than opt-in.

            Of course, having a ton of models can increase the amount of time it takes newcomers to fully join the server, the amount of bandwidth you use, and disk space used on the server.

  2. We just started the server a few days ago so we’ll have to see if it’s filling up at all, evening hours CET should be the best time to check if you feel like playing :)

  3. I joined steamthingie whatever but I can’t find “Finn’s Fortress”. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Go to your server browser in Team Fortress 2, click on “Favorites” and then on “Add a server” on the bottom right side of the server browser. Just put the server IP into the dialogue popping up and confirm.

      Let me know if you need further help.

  4. I have enough lag on US servers, oh well. That saves you guys from having to deal with me being horrible :P

  5. I joined the steam group, but I don’t play TF. Maybe I’ll see some of you in other co-op games.

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