15 thoughts on “Lex L!ghtning ~ Part *2”

  1. josh,why his dick is censored and where did you take his pictures with his details and all? (his age,hometown,hair etc.)

  2. No such thing as a 16 year old stripper in the U.S. In the USA, you are considered an infant until your 18th birthday. Unless of course you are black and commit a crime, then they treat you as an adult.

  3. I guess the "male stripper" thing was just a joke ;)

    I'm not sure about that but I heard that the murderer of Larry King will be treated as an adult too – he's 14.

  4. oh so it was a joke all those details? apart of his hometown because he has a page on youtube….with his friends and beside that he has professional pics…it's strange

  5. @benben I'm pretty sure every detail expect the stripper is true. (And concerning stripping… he's definetly stripping on these photos, isn't he?! He just won't get any money for it… maybe.)

  6. His accent on the video is kind of enigmatic: obviously he's American, but there was something very British about some of those vowels – I'm thinking about where he yells "it's an earthquake". Maybe I'm a little too obsessive. Nice hair.

  7. His name at photobucket is britishboy so I guess he was born and lived a few years in UK, than moved to the US and speaks a mix of both accents now.

  8. too strange. like its cool to be out there but he tries too hard. poor kid stuck in some horrible suburb in Detroit

  9. Lex is very narcissistic. But, I don't mind his narcissism since he is very gook looking and funny. With the multitude of pictures of him in many many different situations it makes it like we follow his life. his private life. I don't think one can hate him. On the opposite, we are all in a way in love with him. And he knows that! Bravo Lex! Claude

  10. maybe all the commenters above r old pedos but i dunno…i think he looks like a sissy with the idiotic hair,its too much of nothing and too over the top,but hey thats just MY opinion,so fuck me!!!!haha

  11. *rrrrrrrr* I like sissy boys.

    (And sometimes tomboyish girls.. and furries, and sunflowers and broccoli.)

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