Life in Prison for one Touch

A woman has been sentenced to life in prison after she “forced” a 13-year-old boy to touch her breast. The 34-year-old woman who lives in Nevada, USA, was accused of kissing a friend’s son in 2008, asking him if he would have sex with her and placing his hand on her breast. She denied the charges, saying she was drunk and had not forced him to touch her.

She was convicted of lewdness with a minor under 14 and ordered to serve a life sentence, based on Nevada’s mandatory minimum sentence for this class of crime. Jurors were not allowed to know that she faced a life sentence if convicted. Even the judge appeared aghast at the sentence he handed down, saying he had no choice to impose a life sentence but was not sure why the prosecution was insisting on charges under laws which would attract the minimum sentencing requirement (they could have charged her with a lesser offence). The defence notes that “she is getting a greater penalty for having a boy touch her breast than if she killed him.” Read more…


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    1. this whole thing is just weird.

      why are there cameras in the courtroom, why would these lawyers suck so bad, why wouldn’t there be a plea bargain and why would that Nevada law be passed, why wouldn’t the jury be aware of the sentence and then be able to determine the applicable sentence for the trial, why is the prosecutor determining the sentence? wtf, that’s not how it happens in the rest of the U.S. justice system

      hopefully she can appeal to a non-assbackwards court

  1. The lesson here is if you have a choice between sexing up a kid, and killing a kid, go with the one that will give you less time in jail. killing the kid.

  2. These narrow minded, stupid lawmakers. By making it a life-sentence, perpetrators will end up killing children to assure their silence. Dead men tell no tales. Lawmakers say it’s to protect society. I can understand if someone brutally raped and beat a child with a tire iron, a life sentence would be appropriate. But for placing a boys hands on her tits and making a lewd comment, she gets life? What a FUCKED up country! So much for the punishment fitting the crime. What makes this even scarier, is what if a kid is pissed of at an adult, and to get back at them accuses them of the same thing? You know who a jury is going to believe. Wow.

      1. This just goes to show how Americans are so stupid about sex. Or, what they think of as sex.
        A girl or boys nipples have nothing to do with sex. There is no exchange of body fluid.
        Big deal!!!
        But for Americans, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Touch someone’s nipple and they should receive the “DEATH SENTENCE”..
        Get real people. It’s just a small piece of skin and it can not transmit any diease or make pregnancy.
        Get real.

  3. This is absurd !

    I really liked many aspects , people and nature in the Usa , went to high school there,
    but lately the negative news is getting to me .
    And as such it makes me feel i won’t be visiting
    there in the forseeable future.
    Which is a shame =-(

    1. the negative news is just amplified and probably exaggerated, but a lot of it is chilling. But I wouldn’t say it’s safe to assume it’s all fact.

  4. You can see how much it’s affecting her attorney — almost reduced to tears at one point in the video. Obviously this is simply horrifying and I can’t even fathom what some of these corrupt closed-minded lawmakers must have had going through their heads at the time of sentencing … especially those that decided that such an action permits a sentence of life. I fear for humanity.

  5. Also … what is really screwed up , is that i fear
    more corrupt , bitter ,agressive cops + lawyers , than i do to fall victim of traditional crime.

    I quess when a cop comes to your doorstep to arrest you for no reason – RUN for your life!

    No point believing + stating your innocent.
    Lawers can twist and turn the texts to suit their own needs.

    Also what bugs me is , practicing selfdefense agains officers of the law is considered a crime.
    And if the confrontation causes the “chaser”to get … you know – It is considered a far worse offense than in a ” civilian” occurence.

    All of this just makes me blow my fuse !

    Maybe some day love will rule our precious planet.
    Sigh – and the forests will echo with laughter.

  6. Not to say I told you so…… uh I think I did? Nevermind because this is just the tip of the ice berg. While sexual crimes are federal, states are allowed to set their own sentencing. Do not expect this to stand. The attorney, if he knows a damn thing, will appeal and should take it to the Supreme Court of Nevada, and failing there, to the Supreme Court of the US. This is considered cruel and unusual punishment.
    Having said that, and knowing the feelings and extreme narrow mindedness of what we call more rural states , it might stick simply because Child Abuse is considered worse than murder/kidnapping/torture. She is getting a worse punishment than Matt Shepherd’s murder/torturers did.
    This is really what I see as a new dark age for us all. In an effort to make our lives safer (an illusion) government and our ‘representatives’ pass these flagrantly ridiculous laws to coddle to the extreme ends of their constituents and the middle goes along figuring it is a good thing… we all want Bobby and Betty safe, right?
    They have made children an isolated, ignorant and basically untouchable sub-culture. I was nearly arrested for disciplining my child… My Mother would have been imprisoned for life on any number of occasions, but I never felt abused. Ever. You cannot discipline other than time-outs (no not in a locked closet) or some other easily evaded punishment; teachers are becoming harassed if speaking harshly to children now (I rarely was in trouble but got my hand smacked with a ruler from time to time and once paddled by the Principal who was neither a Prince nor my pal… but I digress!); the list is huge. Point being, adults are not just leaving kids alone because the smell bad, are generally rude and obnoxious. They are leaving them alone because they are afraid to interact with them. I have said for some time, jokingly (I have a dark sense of humour) that I would not piss on a child were it on fire. But did you know that is a federal crime too? Knowingly avoiding or ignoring the plight of a child is a crime. You become a participant during and after the fact. WTF? And you are right ROFLcopter, people who have the mental defect/disease to abuse/kidnap children will murder them because the system will not listen to them. They figure they might as well kill them because they just might get away with it. Look, people in just about every country are coming to the conclusion, right or not, that with a recidivism rate of 98%, child sex offenders should get a first time, one way ticket to hell. This seems to be the direction the courts are turning to.
    To make things worse, I was informed recently that such Draconian Laws are in fact working in the US and the percentage of Child Sex Crimes is down. I don’t know by how much or when yet. This is the green light for more such laws. And what with grieving parents becoming crusading advocates against Child Sex Crimes, like Mr Walsh and Magan’s family, the system is turning in favour of the victim. I think the victim needs consideration which is why the Government takes the case on their behalf. Our system of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ with its ‘give and take’ procedure and rules of evidence etc, is meant to protect the defence against being steamrolled by the government. In the case of Child Abuse, the perpetrator is considered guilty before, during and after trial in the popular mind, and that is reflected in the harsh laws and sentencing… not to mention the treatment of the guilty after they have served their time. The recidivism rate again… you might as well strip them of their citizenship, except the government would lose all that tax money, that is if the poor bugger ever finds a job that will hire him, in a community that will suffer his existence.

    The times are changing and whatever sympathetic ear criminals might have once abused, is now gone. No effort is made to reclaim them, except the non-violent and only in a few states, like Georgia for gods’ sake. Prisons are now big business too. So yeah…. it is bound to get worse.

    I wonder how a parent would feel if he or she was helping a kid at a public park or pool and the little tot tells mommy that their rescuer had to touch his/her bum (they were dirty or pants slipped or something innocuous)? I hope the happy helper likes prison or a life sentence as a sex offender. That is happening now. As the song says, “Suicide is painless”.

    1. Ok
      But…when you write in public you got to get the facts right. There is no such thing as 98% recividism rate.
      The official rate is between 10 and 15%, lower than any other crime.

      1. If that is true, I apologise for the mistake, but it only makes this more egregious. Some how I do not believe the recidivism rate in the US is below 20%. I will check on that. As with all statistics, it is smoke and mirrors.
        And a percentage depending on the population and statistical variance is not a fact. It is a statistic.

  7. I wonder why the American system has got so rotten. A judge telling he finds the penalty to high, a prosecutor charging a sentence of a lifetime for nearly nothing and a lawyer that’s starting to cry in court. Unbelievable.

    Last night a 10-year old child was persuaded to look at woman’s breast on national television in Holland. He didn’t seem shocked too much. Te be fair, he did ask for it :P

  8. Would Nevada put nursing mothers in prison for life? After all they forced their child under the age of 14 to touch their breast. In the United States the criminal ‘justice’ system is based on vindictiveness, and not at all on rehabilitation or fairness. We have a lot of mean spirited people here, and many of them are called republicans.

  9. This sort of insane punishment is, sadly, a necessary evil.
    It is what will eventually turn things round.
    This never-seen-before medieval-style sex-hysteria will work itself like other hysterias always have: they go too far, and bite their own tails.
    The only reason similar hysterias like the witch-hunt or nazism stopped was because they went too far. It became its own worst enemy.
    Now the entire catholic church is on the verge of collapse, victim to this uncontrolled hysteria, and countries are prone to the most insane excesses like this one, slowly but surely their system will collapse.
    How long is the question.

  10. Pick one (okay, maybe two)


  11. Now, if we could only take the people from the last week’s article about the Philadelphia school district who spy on the teenagers through their computers, and ship those peeping Tom’s over to the Nevada judicial system…

  12. Both chambers of the Nevada legislature are controlled by Democrats, and the Republican governor is hardly conservative. Laws like this here, and like the ridiculous laws “protecting” children in Britain are usually the result of liberals in high places.
    Countless millions of teenage boys have benefitted from the sex ‘education’ given them by generous adult women (I’m sure many guys here can testify to that) and this resource should be cultivated and encouraged – not prosecuted.

  13. I’ve been fortunate to meet a fair few americans all of which have been wonderful people but I’m afraid the law in the USA makes the whole continent look like cretins!

    1. and you’re a Brit talking?!
      Your country is equally if not more insane, and …cretinous.
      I mean you have parks where parents are asked to stay out in case they are pedos!
      It’s the country where when a photo of a grown man surrounded by 10 school kids in football gear, 76% of the population see a pedophile…
      Where if you want to babysit your neighbours 16 month-old, you need police permission.
      etc. etc.
      It seems Britain and the US are playing a game of who can be the most cretinous (with Australia desperately trying to outdo them).

  14. We now have sharia courts operating in some urban centres of the UK.
    Maybe they should be considered for Nevada?
    They would be less vicious in their sentencing of women at least.

  15. Although this is illegal, it is however, legal for a baby to be breastfed in public in the USA. In either case a child has touched an adult woman’s breast. The woman said she was drunk, so it would not be surprising she could have jokingly said what they say she said. It seems ridiculous to punish her this severely. Child molesters get off with much less time. The laws here have no rhyme or reason.

  16. This is absolutely disgusting. I hope she is given a MUCH more fair sentence, possibly even a pardon. I wish her best.

  17. Sinclair Lewis: “When facism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”.

  18. Amreican law is sick and full of hypocrisy. This boy could be also tried for sex crime, put on sex offender list and get long sentence. FUCKSA.

  19. i can’t tell if this story is trying to perswade us to be on the side of the woman or the law…

  20. If this had been a girl and a man, would these comments have been different?
    If the woman was intoxicated at the time, then a life sentence was likely too harsh. And the fact that you get more time in jail for molestation vs. murder doesn’t make much sense, however you also have to look at the issue from the victim’s circumstances.

    Does your opinion change after reading this:
    ‘A man has been sentenced to life in prison after he “forced” a 13-year-old girl to touch his penis. The 34-year-old man who lives in Nevada, USA, was accused of kissing a friend’s daughter in 2008, asking her if she would have sex with him and placing her hand on his penis. He denied the charges, saying he was drunk and had not forced her to touch him. ‘

  21. Amazing! When i was 13 i had many fantazies about older women. This is insane! I guess it´s the sign of times. When a society is empty of love and compassion then it´s doomed to go under. 2012 you know..

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