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  1. Hey! Great song – lyrics are thought provoking!
    “Life is for living” indeed! jono b

  2. I love Ulrik Munther! He’s a very talented artist and has composes and writes songs with meaningful lyrics, which is rare among new young musicians, (at least those that get a record deal).
    This song has very thoughtful lyrics – the music could use a few tweaks here and there to counteract some minor monotony. He has a couple other songs that tackle some serious issues; in “Boys Don’t Cry” he tackles gender role expectations while revealing a sensitive side, in “Sticks and Stones” he tackles hate speech and bullying by becoming a model for being self assured and metaphorically “fighting back” with strength-fueled lyrics. He has signed with Universal Music Sweden. I hope he gets wider distribution. I had to import his debut album/CD.

    1. @Film Buff
      Whenever Ulrik is posted here he recieves a number of critical comments. I agree with you about his “meaningful…metaphorically fighting back lyrics.” I have always admired his kind of song writing. And for me, he sings from the heart.

      1. I am once again in agreement w/ my ole posting buddy Bruce. Indeed, this boy sings from the heart, has a fantastic voice, and isn’t too hard on the eyes, either.
        I have always like the posts here on Ulrik, as it’s usually a song clip / similar media.
        Great song, lotta heart. Makes me shake my head and smile :-)

  3. @Film Buff: You didn’t have to make your own correction,because I’am sure Penboy would have done it for you. As for this young talent from Sweden, he is very good and I too love his songs. Where do you get them in the U.S.A.

    1. I believe I got the CD from an independent seller listed through Amazon UK. (www.amazon.co.uk). If that fails just do a Google search for Ulrik Munther CD and retailers that carry his CD should be amidst the results. I have had to import a number of CDs in this manner because they aren’t sold by major US retailers.

    1. I know. Would anyone listen to this if he wasn’t cute?

      Of course I listen to Troye Sivan for the music… How dare you insinuate otherwise!

  4. i love ulrik, im friends with him and im sure you will all love this, but he is actualy gay, i dont think he will come out publicly for a while becasue of fans that might be against it, but he is going out with Harry Styles from one direction

            1. and friends blab on friends…
              you must be the best of friends [/sarcasm off]

  5. He is straight and wants a girlfriend, according to a newspaper-interview in Sweden :P

    Very sucky song. But he is cute, so listens to it anyway :3

    1. please jsut trust me on this, its the same with harry styles, they go out with girls and stuff, becasue they dont want to come out

      1. Yeah sure dearie and I’m in Justin Beiber’s pants. Fantasies almost never come true and this one is particularly unbelievable

  6. The old video, when he was younger, is much better. It was an acoustic version. BTW : this performance has a small little mistake : words :” i’m a little Boy with a guitar in my hand”. But he does not have ……

    1. I also like the original acoustic video. But it is good that Ulrik is experimenting and trying new ideas. The kid is a good performer but I look foreward to his song writing skills. There is an emotional depth and personality behind that cute, endeariing face.

  7. To the critics:
    It is a bit shallow to ignore the strong lyrics and focus just on the backing music. As I said before, the melody and arrangement need tweaking to make the song more commercial. That being said, the lyrics are amazing. He is talented and not JUST another pretty face.

  8. Same age as Ulrik, almost as cute, singing about starting out in life from a more interesting and much livelier angle – Jake Bugg.

    1. Interesting music. After looking at several videos I’m not sure what genre of music this is. He sounds a little like American Country. Is he British or Irish?

      1. He’s English, Bruce – from Nottingham, and currently touring the USA supporting Noel Gallagher.
        His influences range over a lot of earlier musics including blues and country, Hendrix and the Beatles.

        1. It is easy to see he pulls from a broad background. I admire these young guys who march to their own drum when there is so much pressure within their peer group to conform. These young boys return to the day before music died like Nora Jones did. Now there are a bunch of these young guys. Ulrik, Greson Chance, Ronan Parke, among others. They each have their own style and some will eventually be out of the closet to the relief of many of their fans and throw a real monkey ranch into gay hate.

          If only a young black kid would come along that will sing blues, soul and play the guitar like BB King.

  9. He would be better suited with a career of nude modeling, up until he is no longer cute. Afterwards he can try a singing career.

    1. Thanks for the link. With the buffering problems on Youtube you get plenty of good, close up still shots of Ulrik’s adorabe face bouncing around in front of the mike, the stuff of dreams. For me he has a scorching sexy face. But Youtube has become such a pain.

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