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35 thoughts on “Life/Universe”

  1. I love his long hair but somehow it doesn’t suit him at all. Maybe it’s the way the photo was taken. Who thinks otherwise?

      1. @Real 1. Or too young for a coming of age experience? Powerful, life oriented colors and bold vertical stripes. For me this photo celebrates life. If PC is a concern here, that would be a shame.

    1. I’ve heard that he has been getting it on with his brother for a long time now. Maybe you mean he’s “too young” to drive a car or to go to the bars?

      1. What do you mean, “getting it on with his brother for a long time now”? Incest?


        1. to top it off, i dont even have a brother. lol I just personally feel that 15 and up is good. this boy looks like he is 8. other guys here are allowed to disagree.

  2. @John. To each his own but I really like the entire photo. Red and blue are my favorite colors and i like vertical stripes. Something about the boy positioned on the left of the photo along with his casual look does something for me, powerful and full of life. The music compliments the photo.

    I find the boy very attractive, tender and tough

    1. That was an intended part of the art and likely to invite much avoidance and denial.

      1. @dinoflagellate. Don’t know how that happened and I know you would not want to take credit for my post. Hope this will clear things up.

        1. That was an intended part of the art and likely to invite much avoidance and denial. ©dinoflagellate, 2011
          You think you have a monopoly on psychobabble?

        2. Hey Bruce… I thought that was pretty funny, all the more so since your statement was totally vacuous to begin with.

          1. I think there may be some confusion here. I wrote a comment that was to be on comment #16 but wound up on #8 under dinoflagellate. I was responding to Real 1. Re: missing arms. Does that help?

  3. @ Bruce – yes, as always because of Josh’s knack for pic + music, the music indeed compliments the photo.
    The music is actually somewhat reminiscent of an old group in the USA called the Alan Parsons Project, but to me this piece / song very much was sort of “circus-like” and so the painted planks to the right of the cute lad seem to fit right into the theme / music / emsemble.
    @ booga373 – too young to be beautiful? admired? thought of as a good subject for the picture / music? While I can agree that someone might indeed be spinning their wheels if they were pining for this boy, he is quite striking in his own way and for me I find the pic / boy / music / ensemble quite a good match. but hey, lol, i’m not everybody and everybody is not me :-)

    1. Very perceptive. That was an intended part of the art and likely to invite much avoidance and denial.

          1. Is this a court hearing now or just a psychiatric investigation? Get me outta here!

  4. evoked from the title.

    Life is like zebra: straight stripe, bent stripe…. and an ass in the end.

  5. Not sure about the lad – hair is at odds with his features, button nose, beautiful eyebrows and kissable lips – he could be a lot older than he depicts. T shirt looks like it’s pinned/held to the background hence the missing arms – wierd! Great music – Xylophone/glockenspiel? followed by some squeeze box – another strange combination but it’s good on the ears – sounds East European but hell, what do I know? Stripey background is extra eye candy – nice. but not something to live with.

  6. Judging from other photos on the flickr photostream this is taken from:

    1. We are not alone in thinking he might be a girl…
    2. the photo was taken in Miami beach around 2007-2008
    3. he definitely has arms (:

  7. ~JMJ it’s art, he’s cute; if you think he’s too young for art then go to the Met not milkboys!
    Smooth…Mr.B.Tharp, very slick of you with that em
    address…mr 2 whip protozoa!

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