Likes & Cleanups

You can like posts on milkboys now. Just click the little heart under any post you liked. This will make it easier for me to determine which kind of content you guys like which should eventually results in a better quality of content. So, feel free to go back and like a few older posts :)


I will also clean up the blog a bit (about time after nearly 30 months of blogging) over the next days; that means lots of old posts will be removed because they are either not working anymore ’cause the photo/video in the post was deleted from its original source or they don’t fit my standards of what is post-worthy anymore. Some other (very old) posts will be reblogged over time to give new readers the chance to discover them. This doesn’t mean there will be less fresh content ‘tho, I will rather raise the frequency of posts a bit and mix new & old posts.


22 thoughts on “Likes & Cleanups”

  1. He’s “brushing his teeth with a bottle of Jack…”

    And the postmodern dismantling of civilization continues.

    Actually, it’s pretty funny. And he’s cute. What’s not to like?

  2. i’d find it a pity if you really deleted older posts because you’re ashamed of them now or don’t like them for some other reason. why not preserve milkboys and it’s history the way it actually happened? people won’t think “uh, that’s something that Josh-guy actually likes?”, they will get a artistically coherent, aesthetic timeline.

  3. haha i see you found ryry on camwhores ;)

    and you got the thumbs up feature going…very nice post. It deserves two hearts :)

  4. Didn’t we have the like system before? I remember something similar, but it didn’t work out too well..

    1. Yeah, I tried a system where you could rate a post with 1 to 5 stars but it was super expensive database-request-wise so I removed it again.

  5. oh hey, that’s the same cute boy from a few posts back. he should definitley show us those undies again. :)

  6. All of the boys Josh presents are attractive to me. But I would probably not chase or date them. Be friends, yes. If something develops, great. I admire boys like them for their ingenuity, strength, humour and talent, as well as their beauty.
    I would not turn down offers to date though! I may be old, I ain’t dead! I do feel love has to be unconditional and respectful, caring and honest. I don’t lie, and I hide nothing. I admire beauty and desire them in my heart.

    Thanks, Josh, for these wonderful pictures and articles, as well as the thought provoking news.

  7. WHEW! Thank God he’s locked in the bathroom with only a pint of boubon and not a cigarette. Kids Today!

  8. And some posts should be made simply because otherwise people won’t be aware of what’s happening around them.

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