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  1. For those who are missing one or more of their senses, other ones compensate, yes? When older brother discovers the profound intensity of his sense of touch at the baths he experiences such joy… It is amazing to watch the portrayal of it. And of course, the higher the highs, they always seem to be followed by the lowest of lows…

  2. Koreans are so American in their attitudes, and this film underscores that fact. A sadistic gem, but too Western for my taste.

  3. My thoughts:

    Right off the bat, I thought is was very odd (to say the least) for someone to have Internet connection and masturbate to such an incredibly mild photo (although very good looking) when there is so much more explicit material to use. At first, I thought that it was because of the movie (to not show explicit scenes), but later the younger brother shows very explicit fellatio on his phone to the others. But, whatever, it’s his way of telling the story.

    It’s too bad the older brother didn’t go to the aid of the bath attendant (obviously the purpose of the visit) since he had just shown his mettle to his older brother a bit earlier and he felt satisfied.

    It’s also very telling how, at the end, the mild bath attendant is abused physically, verbally and psychologically by another. And this is a prevailing trait of how people behave when religion/christianity gets hold in their country. Very much like USA and other christian-majority countries (very much like what Bungeoppang said).

    The older brother also showed this same psychological streak (although obviously milder because of being a brother, I assume). Both show very well some of the traits of a population [slowly?] being taken over by christianity.

    And, Bungeoppang? I feel what you ‘interpreted’ as “American” attitude is more accurately religious-trained attitude. And, yes it does reflect “American” ways in that respect — easily one of our worst ‘exports’.

    Overall, the intent and story line (script) was fairly weak and very incomplete (in my view), but the actors/acting was very charming and kept you “wanting more” and wishing the director completed the purpose of this story, at least for a more ‘logical’ completion.

    One last thing, if “heaven” is anything like that Asian public bath with attendants like this one, well, fuck then, I’m converting!

    Thanks for showing this very interesting video!

    1. I agree with your observations Penboy.
      Also remember that the lunatic Sun Myung Moon was Korean. And… Korea has the most rapidly growing Christian population in Asia.

    2. One more thing, between 02:40 — 03:17, the younger brother, ‘Kyeong-soo’ brings back the image of Bruce Lee [Li] so much (if you’ve ever watched Bruce Lee’s acting closely), especially the small, quick smirk at the end of that sequence. It was so striking. (And that alone makes him good looking!) The facial structure is so strikingly similar, too. The only thing “gross” was the spitting (twice) — it certainly wasn’t needed.

      P.S. And as for “American” attitudes, the way ‘Kyeong-soo’ buried his heas and his attention into that phone, that (and the spitting) was more like Americans.

    3. “… since he had just shown his mettle to his older* brother a bit earlier and he felt satisfied.”

      I meant, “… since he had just shown his mettle to his younger brother a bit earlier and he felt satisfied.” Again, sorry about that.

    1. Probably as well as more than a bit exaggerated. The other part of the Title comes from 09:41-09:42, the “temp” reading above the door of the Sauna. 100° C = 212° F, which I’m pretty sure no human can endure, dry or wet heat.

      1. That was observant of you, Penboy!

        Are there any Fins present? I do believe some sauna enthusiasts enjoy temperatures of 100C and above.

        1. 100C is quite tolerable in dry air while in the turkish variant of a sauna the heat can’t be much over 40C because the humidity is almost 100%. You can compare that directly with a bathtub.

  4. Thanks for the film … showed enough without getting too pornograhic and left a lot to the imagination.

    The puropose of the film (imo) was more to do with the deaf boy and he pleasurable visits and was nicely done.

  5. I liked the movie. I think I have to watch it again. The one prevailing problem is the stereotype that all gay guys are soft, effeminate, unable to defend themselves. I would like to change this. The fact of the matter, some gay boys are victims. But they make themselves victims too.

    I was soft, afraid, effeminate. Then I asked someone for help. I began to change all that. I can be gay and tender one moment and do a spinning back kick the next and slam my bully into a locker, or break his arm. I don’t have to ba a victim.

    1. You are right, Liam. The endless portrayal of seemingly weak gays is one of the most important reason why queer youths become the target of bullying – after all, which bully is really interested to attack those that are believed to be able to vehemently defend themselves? I’m sure that religious motivations for bullying gays are very overrated.

  6. It can’t end like that THAT WAS SO SAD I NEEDED A HAPPY ENDING they were so cute they should of dated and the boy should have stood up for the bath attendant. But great film work great acting. It was good

  7. It seems that no matter what country you my be in you’ll find people who well call people with some imperfections such as a hearing impairment, they are right a way called a retard. This was a lovely story, but for the ending. I to would have liked to seen him stand up for the attendent. I quess I don’t jump on the gay wagon so fast. I thought this attendent was getting beat up because the client didn’t like the rub down. I know that if I felt that what I payed for was a rip off I be pissed to. I don’t think I be beating the attendent up..

  8. I wasn’t going to mention this, but my curiosity has the best of me. Am I wrong, or is he (older brother, ‘Min-soo’) masturbating to pictures of his younger brother, ‘Kyeong-soo’ at the very beginning?

    And, later, in the bathroom, he tears the [same] photo of him and younger brother, ‘Kyeong-soo’ (out of the photo)?

    If not, then the photos look so much like the younger brother. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that …. with both their looks!) Or am I confused about the photos?

    1. Oh, I don’t think it’s his brother, it’s one of the boys from school that he has a crush on. He is part of the gang that bullies Min-soo outside the school toilet, hence the shredding of the photo in the cubicle immediately afterwards.

  9. I would love to see an American or Euro version of this as Im not into Asian guys, but great story anyway

  10. Curious ……. I wonder how many times they “needed” to practice / rehearse the 2 sauna scenes with the bath attendant? :D

  11. Damn, I thought there was going to be a happy ending, so now it’s made me sad :(
    Time to try and find a happy vid to cheer me up before bed

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