64 thoughts on “Love, eh?”

  1. I’d go a round with him, but his jeans and undies would be off in the first minute.

    1. yeah, i’d have the same idea. during watching the clip i would thought it to happen. maybe it didn’t because the parents were around. ;)

  2. @fanofgrendel – har har very funny!

    Which one is the more masculine out of the two? He just wants to sit and look pretty whilst she’s all “GRARRR FIGHT”

  3. I don ‘t think she trying very hard too get his paints down. She most likely has seen her brother in the buff,and she is keeping what she has seen to herself. he has a cute butt,and I know those paints and undies would have been down in less the 30 seconds flat if I was doing tugging.

  4. take the camera from dill’s buddy and give it to sis, and lets see the boys wrestle. greco-roman, of course.

  5. One of these days, soon it looks, he will be strong enough to overpower her and rape her. Will you show that? I sure hope so.

  6. LOL, picture this: The boy is gay, (very cute), posing not only for the cam, but also for the guy holding it, lol,
    the sister is practically masturbating rubbing herself against her brother, and the mother sounds like she drank
    a bottle of rum, I bet they have a nice “party” after the “fight”.

  7. everyones so in love with him!!! i have to admit his ass is assmazing!! my puns are crackin.

  8. I have witnessed similar actions between my own kids in their younger days…pity I did not record it, but the memory lingers on.
    Confession: while watching this, I was worried that they would damage the TV….I think I’m getting old…:-(

  9. i so so so love his undies, sag and the type of jeans he is wearing, would love to “wrestle” with him *laugh*

    1. And I’m SURE he’s experienced more than a few “pull-downs” of his ‘sagging’ pants (and a GREAT ‘VEE’ too!) … wonder if he pulled his pants back up so quickly ONLY because HE was recording it? :-)

  10. Well, my internet doesn’t really work properly at the moment so I can’t watch the video, but I soooooo hope this is incest-related. :3 (Would that be a “lewd comment about minors”?)

  11. This isn’t the Appalachians by any chance? You know, where the Pa and the Brothers have a lot in common with the Tortoise in the race. They both like to get there before the “hare”.
    Which reminds me of that old Scottish Joke. Q: Why was the Rabbit laughing?
    A: Because he had a “hare” in his hole!

  12. Can anyone tell me what type of “video” this is? I downloaded it to my iMac, and nothing I have will open it. I even tried Stuffit, but it isn’t a “compressed” file.

    PS – The file ended up being saved as “love-eh.7z” I need to know what a “7z” file is, Thanks

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