In a new trend spreading across America, teens are sending nude or semi-nude pictures to one another on their mobile phones in a practice called “sexting”. But what started out as risqué fun among adolescents has spread fast, and is starting to lead to serious consequences. Recently, teenagers have been arrested on child pornography – Read on…

Research conducted by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy last month revealed that 20% of teens in the States say they have sent or posted lewd photos or video of themselves. According to the national study, most teenagers who were sending the explicit messages were sending them to boyfriends or girlfriends, while others said they were sending the pictures in a bold move to secure a date, or to someone they had got to know online.

A new trend? Are you fucking kidding me? OK, I’ll let the Captain Obvious thing beside and focus on WTF!? We have talked about something similar in the milkboard just yesterday and since I’m a lazy butt I’ll just copy & paste what I’ve said there: First of all I think it’s strange how everything with someone under 18 is called child porn in the US & UK. I mean a 17 year old boy isn’t a child in any definition. I don’t know exactly about other countries but in Germany you’re called a "child" by law as long as you’re under 14. Besides that I see nothing criminal in a 15 year old boy making nude shots with his mobile phone for his girlfriend – but still he can get in trouble because he produced so called "child porn".

How is this protecting the boy? What’s next? Getting jailed for "self rape" when you get caught wanking? They tell you they want to protect the children but what they do is criminalizing them, it just makes no sense at all.

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But why, you will ask, are the politicians doing bullshit like this nevertheless? Well, here is a theory: Because they fear them. I read about that in an article in a blog written by a BBC reporter where the author cites a Finnish study about youth crime (the study isn’t accessible anymore unfortunately):

The argument is that economic globalisation has substantially eroded a state’s capacity to govern directly and so "intervention in the lives of socially deviant children" emerges as a "mechanism whereby the state attempts to establish or sustain its political authority". To put it another way, politicians demonise children in order to disguise their own weaknesses.

The youth, which still knows the meaning of freedom, could bring down the government, even the whole political system if they don’t suppress them and their lust for life? Are they creating a new era of Victorian prudery because they fear to reap what they sow by exploiting the whole planet to enrich a few while millions starve. Vilifying sex to protect the globalisation? Yes, it might sound melodramatic but in makes sense in a creepy way.