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  1. As a rugby player, I’m disappointed they left out the rugby songs.

    But everything else is largely accurate. My team is partying tomorrow, and we’re breaking out a couple kegs. Have to say I’ve never drunkenly made out with anyone on the team, but I have gotten naked at a couple socials before.

  2. can anyone pls tell me the name of the song at 6:30, I’ve trying to find that out one for so long, but dont even know its words!..

  3. Ah, yes, the age-old “I was so drunk” excuse. Here in the states we call them “six pack” gays.

      1. “Two-beer queer” is nothing more than a really cheap “six-pack gay.” :-)

        Why is is so difficult to download this video?

  4. Ali is so hot. I’d love to be at one of those pubs just to see this in person.

    How does one join their team? lol

    This really reminds me of high school. We had our own special place to go hang out, a fast food place and we always used the front tables by the windows. It was a mixed group but if someone was in our tables most all the guys would start seriously making out and you’d be surprised at how fast the people cleared out of our space. The owners didn’t care because we hung out there for a couple of hours and bought stuff. None of the guys cared if they got hard or not, it just didn’t matter since we were all friends.

    Whew, again, Ali. Exactly my type.

    1. agreed, ali was the cutest one. although i have to admit that much drinking is pretty much a huge turn off.

  5. Brits are weird. X]

    Also, why are woman generally so grossed out by the penis, or feel the need to make fun of its size even when it’s obviously normal?

  6. “There’s quite a bit of boy-on-boy action. . .”

    Classic! And brilliantly so. Loved it!

    Thanks, Josh!

    Though maybe we ought to start a pool on just how long it survives on YT!

  7. You see this and wonder why the Brits would call us weird.Those players have some great bodies,but what well they have some years down the road. From what I just seen,and mine you it was only 14:12 of air time,that some of these guys are either on the BI or GAY track and it only is shown when they have consumed 330 pints of liquor or more. The question Andrew asked,why are the women so grossed out by the penises,or why make fun of the size of said penises.Maybe they just don’t like penises.Maybe it’s a come out night for both sexes.

    1. From the hand motions the women are making I think their only problem with it is that the guys aren’t hard.

      Rugby is actually getting more and more popular in the US, if I see a local club I’ll send them this video.

  8. So is this like the frat scene in the UK? At least they aren’t cloaking the senselessness in the name of higher education. haha.

  9. Its actually pretty enlightened in a way. We should all strive to be this free with ourselves. The captain (Tim?) even says it at one point “We are all comfortable(secure? something like that) with our bodies and sexuality”. There is no scandal here for them, even after seeing it in the light of sobriety and for that I applaud them.

  10. Well, to each his own. This is a whole other world to me and I never experienced the frat sceen. So my life is not complete. You guys enjoy.

    Ali was cute.

  11. Ali is yummy…I’d love to get him drunk and take advantage of him lol As for the other men…not so much

  12. Holy liver damage batman! Do any of these guys make it to 30 with their original livers intact?

  13. 11:08 to 11:12 bit is the hotest . The guy on the left .

    But the drinking is insane . At that rate they`ll have some organ failure before long.

  14. I just noticed online that this video is 5 years old or so. Now I really want to see what Ali looks like 5 years later. Has he kept his looks or did the excessive drinking ruin him?

    What I want to know is how these guys can afford all the alcohol. It must be cheap as hell to drink in the UK.

    1. Good point Darius. Here a pint costs at the very least $6 in most pubs.. so that works out to nearly $2,000.

      1. probably not cheap, but keep in mind that a single shot covers more a couple of pints at least. So they weren’t actually purchasing so many pints.

        1. Well here and in Britain an imperial pint is 20 ounces, and our beer here is 5% alcohol. A single shot of 40% alcohol is only 1 1/4 ounces, so that’s about the same as a 12 oz can of ordinary beer. Also you will pay almost as much for that single shot as a pint of beer here. It still would be around that much, or even more.

  15. Visually….I see a scene at a graveside service where the team is all standing around lamenting about a fellow teammate who died of alcohol poisoning. Not to be a hypocrite however, because I went through that as well. But going through it nevertheless gives one the perspective of ‘what a waste’.

    I doubt that all those boys are hetero and even if they were, I like the fluidity of their friendships, even though it seems alcohol induced to a degree.

  16. nice vid every boy is a bit gay if enough drink is consumed .its only natural to play with someone else s member lol

    1. Lol….I don’t think most heteros share that view, but it would be a better world without all the sexual tension & hate, for sure!

  17. What’s the link for downloading THIS FULL VERSION? I can only find edited clips of this when I Google it.

    I have 2 different Firefox downloaders and neither will recognize the true file of this.

  18. The boy pics on this site are mostly so beutiful but here is a peep of what some of them can unfortunately grow into. Yes they are a team even to the extent of all shareing the one brain! Mikee.

    1. I think some of you are being too hard on them….they can’t keep up that pace forever; maturity and obligations are just around the corner for most of them. A lot of males have to go through this to ‘get it’…..most of them make it, some not…such is life.

  19. Real 1, I know what you mean, i think my comment is written from a sad perspective. All boys turn into men of course but with a few at least you can see where its been so to speak, with others there is absolutly nothing left. Male bravado isnt a substitute, there is something that we need to keep, to some it isnt even important. Mikee.

    1. Yeah I know…the sport, the bravado, the culture and all go hand in hand. I’m not saying I agree with it or sanction it, but some things never change given the right set of circumstances…almost like the conditions for a perfect storm.

      I guess for the ones that survive it and have their own boys, how they deal with the drinking stereotype/bravado will show their mettle.

  20. Evidently that video caused no real repercussions against any of the team members. I just searched the Sandbach site and a few of the players are still on the 1st team. Mainly one of our faves from this video, Ali Burton. However 5 years later I doubt that any of us are too interested, I saw a pic from Mar 2012 and he seems to have bulked up and lost his cuteness.

    When you see that these guys have been on various Sundbach teams (they start before age 8) since they were little kids, at what point did the “male bonding” first start? Each year 11, 12, 13, 14, etc has it';s own team then there are seniors and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd team.

  21. Wowzerz, love everything about this, well except for the drinking lolz ( non drinker here) well i just love the men haha.

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