Male, Female, Fuck Off? ;)

As much as gender may be a concept worth of destroying…
It’d be interesting to know what kind of folks comes here…
(inspired by a question on ask milk). Go ahead and tell me :)


34 thoughts on “Male, Female, Fuck Off? ;)”

  1. i was gonna choose other but i looked down and i saw my peepee soooo…… i say boy! xD

  2. WTF is wrong with the concept of gender? I like having a choice of genuine genders to play with. Hermaphrodites have no allure for me – I like REAL men, and REAL women.

    1. “WTF is wrong with the concept of gender?”

      The fact that it marginalizes those that do not fit into the binary system? Not that you care…

      1. Sometimes I wonder if those of us with a defined gender are the ones on the wrong side of the looking glass so to speak and that an evolutionary process is in the works to make us all both sexes.

    2. Well, it stops people from getting to know others and being free to love anyone. It puts up boundaries and limits and it can hurt people too. Thats whats wrong with the concept of gender. I can go deeper into this..>_>

    3. as a female, i don’t believe that the concept of gender is inherently “wrong.” i just believe that society has shaped it in so many wrong ways and set so many wrong expectations for it.

  3. It’s about giving a fuck what is considered as manly and feminine. Wear the clothes you like, style your hair like you want to and so on. It has nothing to do with hermaphrodites.

  4. being male means having a penis and being a female means having a vagina lets not make this any more complicated than its supposed to be! :p

    1. haha, only problem is gender in society is already a INCREDIBLY complicated subject.

      Gender is mostly a social construction. Almost everything most people think defines, or is connected to a specific gender in actuality socially constructed. And there is the more obvious stuff like “boys wear this” and “girls do that”. In reality all these labels do is limit and surpress those living under those labels. (unless of course they fully conform to them while growing up, then it will all feel normal to them)

      But if you want to get into the biological side, you will see the same, if not more complexity. Scientifically its been shown that strict gender lines do not exist. Nature does not care for neat divides, people do. There are many tests that can be done to determine a gender. From chromosome tests, examination of the genitals, to bone structure, in all I believe there are a few dozen different tests. And very few people actually pass completely as male, or as female.

      The most basic biological definition of gender is from sexual reproduction roles. But what if you can reproduce? What if your a woman born without ovaries, are you still a woman? If you cut off a man’s penis is he still male? Gender relates to more then just our sexual organs, and there is no place you can directly point and say “o they are blah”

      You may want to just look down your pants and say you have the answer, but not everyone has clear male or female genitals. And far more people then you think exist in this gray zone.

      Gender is VERY complex, but only because as humans we want to male it simple. As I said, nature does not care for neat divides, people do.

      1. I totally agree with you, but I find the typo in your last paragraph to be especially amusing.
        That was the only thing I wanted to say.

  5. Sorry about you folks caught in no-man’s land, or no-woman’s land, or wherever. Sorry if you feel ‘oppressed’ by the societal expectations that go with your particular plumbing. Isn’t life a bitch! But when I’m with my male friends, I wanna talk cars, guns, politics, religion and boy stuff. When I’m with female friends, I’m looking to conversations about relationships, entertainment, good books and girl stuff. Gun Shows, car shows, air shows, and war movies are usually best with guys. Dinner-dates, home shows and chick-flicks are best with the ladies. Vive la difference! And when I jump into bed with one or the other – I have gender-specific agendas there too. It is precisely the masculinity that attracts me to men and the femininity that attracts me to women.
    I know, I know – this old curmudgeon just doesn’t get it. Well, I really don’t want to get it either. The ‘binary’ system works for me, and when I do cross the lines, as I have now and then for fun and games, I do that in venues of discretion, enjoying forbidden, delicious nastiness in a kind of ‘secret garden’ that my straight friends of both genders will never know about.

      1. horselips is not unintelligent. nor is luke.

        follow this ideal of same-ness and ‘across the board equality’ down far enough, and we’re speaking of flawless communism. no, not the nazis and governments, but the ideas that could only be written on paper that speak of bland and sameness for all. yet to be so defined by gender is too restricting in many ways.

        i can see both sides: to have and celebrate the unique attributes that gender brings to the table. the stereotypical boy or girl talk; the stereotypical ways boys or girls think; the stereotypical way boys or girls act. but also have a level of bliss in unawareness. to not care about who is what would make the world an easier and more comfortable place to live.

        what most people want is not for everyone to be the same, but for the individual qualities and distinct differences to just simply not matter. to just love people for people. in their most pure forms. simply human to human love and compassion. and highlight the differences as uplifting quirks about each other, instead of society-set delimiters.

    1. I think that it is great that you’ve found a system of thought that works for you, but do not expect everyone to conform to your system. (It’s an error in thought committed by far too many people in the world.)
      While you are most comfortable within the division created by society, I particularly enjoy the blurring of the division. In my eyes, just as there is not just “gay” and “straight” in terms of sexuality, there is not just “male” and “female” in terms of gender. Of course, it all comes back to the differences between gender and sex.
      One little thing I found somewhat amusing is that you group religion in with “boy stuff”, as though religion is decidedly male. After all, the earliest religions often celebrated women as the givers of life, per the Venus figurines of approximately 25,000 years ago.

      1. I put religion with ‘boy stuff’ because getting into a deep theological discussion, further complicated with elements of archaeology and history, with most girls, is a lost cause. Of course there are no absolutes, and there are exceptions to everything. I was just generalizing. But hey, like Luke says – I’m extremely unintelligent.

        1. I’ve known girls fascinated with that stuff, quite a few actually. I think most of the History students at my school were girls actually.

          I prefer talking to people about what they’re interested in, rather than picking out of a selection of subjects based on their gender.

  6. Wheatfields said it well, nothing in nature is simple.

    I’m glad of this, life is more interesting in the ditch than the middle of the road. I grew up perfectly content with my sex being male. A real benefit of accepting my sexuality was realising I had the freedom to ignore simplistic ideas about gender and how we are supposed to behave.

  7. This so confuses me!
    I remember before puberty thinking Men like Women, Women like Men any other way I simply cannot comprehend, then the hormones kicked in and the neat little divide I had kinda shattered.

    But I feel it again reading this. For one thing I never really considered the concept of gender. If people mean gender like *how boys act* or *how girls dress* then yes it is a concept that we as a society will eventually evolve out of. Not yet – but maybe decades down the line those divides will become increasingly blurred.

    The idea of sexes though is something that remains firmly concrete however. If you are born male or female that’s how you stay. Of course it’s not that simple – but I can’t help feeling the overwhelming majority of the world is either male or female and I see no problem with that. Being human I have my own flaws and the T in LGBT was always one that I had scruples with. Still do in fact.

    Call it hypocritical or whatever, maybe its the deep seated beliefs that I’ve grown up with that I still haven’t shaken free. Long rambly rant with no real point. Just thought I’d let the brain fizzle i had when reading the above come out in text form.


  8. I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

    I wear a dress to school every Wednesday, and I am biologically a male.

  9. And I wear pants being a female, which would have been scandalous 100 years back in time. Thank god our views are changing!

  10. Some of y’all need to remember that Gender and Sex are different, really. If your Gender matches what’s in your pants, good for you, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone else.

  11. Many differences are still the result of one thing: that only one gender bears childern and feeds them with their breasts for a long time, when they are little babies. This is why for example female promiscuity is usually tolerated less (“Mater semper certa, pater nunquam”) or why many people dislike drunk girls more than drunk dudes.

  12. ‘nothing in nature is simple’

    Yes, I absolutely agree. For example, I’ve woman’s body but I feel 100% male. I want to be a man. It means I’m transsexual. I’m standing on a border which divides two different worlds and it has never been easy for me. Nothing is simple…

  13. Math, I’m envious! I’m a mid 20’s female, but I have a male brain. I wish I looked how I feel.

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