Gay marriage opponents in the United States have long used parents’ fear of having gay children, but now it seems a martial arts academy is capitalizing on this fear, too. The Academy of Martial Arts RDCA ran two ads showing a little boy participating in generally feminine practices: applying lipstick and wearing high heels. The ads have just two words other than the group’s logo: “Karate lessons.”

The Facebook page of RDCA describes the academy as “Your Ultimate Empowerment Group.” It continues, “If you are serious about your self improvement and empowerment you have reached the right group.” But the advertisements seem to imply that the martial arts academy is not looking to empower students who have alternative gender expressions. Towelroad accused the Fla. academy of targeting  “parents wanting to ‘man up’ kids who express an interest in their mother’s clothes.”

Florida is known for its anti-gay politics. Gay adoption is still illegal there, and now a gubernatorial candidate has suggested going further to ban gay foster parenting too. [via 365gay]