Mass Protest against Gay Rights in France

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of Paris protest against the country’s upcoming bill which would allow equal marriage and adoption rights for same-sex couples. Authorities previously estimated that on Sunday evening, 120,000 people took to the streets of Paris to protest, but have now placed the figure closer to 340,000. Organisers of the protest had estimated numbers at 800,000, many protesters coming in to Paris for the event, the BBC reports.

Demonstrators carried placards which read “We don’t want your law, Francois” and “Don’t touch my civil code”. Three big marches were converging on the Champs de Mars, next to the Eiffel Tower. The protest was organised by the centre right opposition, representatives of the Catholic Church, Muslim and Jewish groups.

French president Hollande has pledged to push through the law with his Socialists’ parliamentary majority but a campaign by opponents has dented public support and forced deputies to put off a plan to allow lesbian couples access to artificial insemination.

France hit by anti-gay marriage protests


According to a recent poll by YouGov support for marriage equality is the lowest in France (51%) among the big European countries. Only 38% of French people want same-sex couples to be able to adopt. In Britain 55% support gay marriage and 53% are in favour of gay couples adopting kids. Sweden has the highest approval ratings for gay marriage (80%) and gay adoption (65%) across Europe.

Studies have shown that kids in same-sex families do just as well as their peers in straight families and countries like Sweden or The Netherlands where both gay marriage and adoption are legal since more than a decade are still growing and even doing better than countries without these basic rights in almost all regards.


30 thoughts on “Mass Protest against Gay Rights in France”

      1. Remember what Belgium did to Verlaine? Another nutty place where you are guilty until proven innocent under Code Napoléon. They still treat us as sexual heretics!

  1. All the french people are not against ! A majority of them agree this bill (according to public opinion poll)… I stay in this country to fight !

    1. I’ve never said all our people are against this, but I find it revolting that we have the lowest support for mariage equality amongst all European countries. So this just adds to the reasons I already have for leaving France.

  2. I’m French and ashamed to live in this country.
    A lot of these persons don’t even know the law and compare homosexuality to incest or pedophilia. Then they fake to be tolerant and say that they are not homophobic…
    That’s very terrifying what people think about gays here, I can’t imagine I live in a civilized country, sometimes I feel I live in Saudi Arabia or Iran !

    @Bugle Boy > They accept because when a poll is done, they don’t want to look homophobic. I’m sure the result will be different if there is a true anonymous poll.

  3. “Why do you protest? To have more rights?”
    “No, I protest against other people having rights.”

    I just don’t understand: what do they care? The protesters are not going to lose anything. They just don’t want people who are not like them to have the same rights.

    Welcome to France, year 1450.

    1. I so much agree with you, Merlin77. It’s none of their business really, yet they work so hard to stop something that somebody else wants. I really thought that France was better than that, more accepting.

  4. It is so stupid that the City of Love is so one sided. If Germany can kick France’s ass in less than a week, a bunch of us QUEERS and do it in three days.

    1. That was very cheap. Plus I don’t think the average Frenchman would be more homophobic than your countrymen.

      1. That is where you’re wrong. The average Frenchman IS as homophobic as stereotypical southern american rednecks. And I’m hardly exaggerating, I wish I would be, but I’m not. When I see the hundreds of comments saying that being gay isn’t natural and we should all burn in Hell, trust me that it’s a big surprise coming from a so-called evolved nation.

  5. French queers should do what the French do best – it’s time for the barricades again! Storm the Bastille! I forget what number Republic you’re on now, but heck, who’s counting?

  6. Well, to be honest, French government made everything they could to help opponents to this law. Why? Because it distracts people from the poor economy.
    Shameful leaders who use gays as scapegoats to escape their responsibilities! They really make me sick. One would think we couldn’t have a more cynical and disgraceful president than Sarkozy, but then we get Hollande… It’s really time for a Revolution, I tell you.

    1. Well, he’s certainly not perfect but he’s the one who actually made this bill, and yes he doesn’t look like being really strong behind his bill but he knows that the bill will be accept by the parlement and the more noise there is about all this, the harder it’s gone get.

      And yes there is always dumb people who try to keep us in the middle age (and the middle age wasn’t maybe as close minded as we think:)) but we can fight back, the 27th of january for exemple, we can show them that 800 000 isn’t that big for a protest in France (and it’s really not that big, espacially for a protest that have been long time ago prepared, announced by ALL the french media, and with familly with 15 kids who probably didn’t have the choice :p).
      So yes, we can all go abroad and see how things go over there, but we should try to inspire our self from them (and we should probably do things more like begium people) and make the change here.
      Aux armes citoyens!

      sorry for my poor english, but you probaby know the struggle that some of us, frogs, have with your dialect

  7. This kind of news makes me realise how the majority of the earth population is retarded…how sad…However this number of people in France is just a minority and in this mass, probably many persons are not against the gays rights but against changing the documents for this new reality.

  8. All I want is the sex. Let the straight freaks keep marriage and breeding and that whole load of sick baggage.

    1. Here, here!

      I don’t care about any sort of marriage.

      Where’s my old mate, thaerbsinep for one of his well considered exposes on the folly of being educated by the cathlick church ?

      1. It’s not really about marriage, if you don’t want it, no one forces you to get it. But you should have the right to. It’s all about equal right because as long as kids grow up under the impression that love is worth less between two men or two women we will always have bullying and inequality because that’s exactly what we’re teaching kids when we treat same-sex couples differently.

        1. Quite right, not to mention the legal aspect of marriage, which affords things such as inheritance and being your partner’s official next of kin, tax laws, visitation rights to a sick spouse in hospital, and custody of children. There’s also things like marital privilege, where you can’t be made to testify against your partner. These and others are all entitlements in law, and they are important.

  9. One thing I’m wondering about, though: it says in the article that many of these expected 800,000 are “coming into Paris” for this. From *how* *far* outside of Paris are they coming? Any chance a good number of them are arriving from somewhere *outside* of France? oO

  10. People manifestating against other peoples rights – this is nothing else than plain fascism. The misinterpretation of democracy as the right of majorities to dominate minorities.

    So this is just as democratic as Hitler was. He became not just elected – he was even reelected in landslide victories.
    But be honest all you “leftists” – you would just behave the same. So take this as a chance to realize that democracy is plain bullshit without a strong and liberal constitution.
    Remember this when for example fighting against the 2:nd amendement in the USA… remember this when you think that it is ok to taxate the minority of rich higher than average people and so on!

    1. So the top ranking countries in the democracy index; Norway, Iceland, Denmark & Sweden, are really fascist regimes like Nazi-Germany because they have high taxes for the rich and strict weapon laws? That theory is… interesting.

    2. “He became not just elected – he was even reelected in landslide victories.”

      Seems like history isn’t your strong point:

      Hitler didn’t become Chancellor by election. And his “landslide victories” (1936, 1938: 99% each) were due to the fact that all other parties were illegal.

      The last elections which maintained the standards of a democracy were held in 1932, resulting in 33% for Hitler’s party.

  11. You missed my point!

    There is nothing wrong with high taxes if a majority decides that in general *all* (including the majority!) have to pay these high taxes.
    But there is something wrong if the same majority decides that it would be just perfect if only some “rich minority” would have to pay… (or some Jews or Gays or Dentists or whatever)

    And according the gun laws: Here we are mainly talking about (constitutional) *rights* – Rights in general are nothing to be voted about.

    So according to my argumentation N, IS, DK, and S are of course very democratic – because the majority of the voters do have to face about the same taxation and rights.

    But still Nazi-Germany was not a democracy just because the majority did decide on minorities with consequences that only these minorities had to face.
    Jews were no longer allowed to use public transport – but the majority still was – and so on.
    If the Nazis would have decided to abolish public-transport… this would have been totally o.k. But you can imagine that this would not have been very popular.

    According this example you should be able to realize that democracy is “just another dictatorship” if decissions to the benefit of a majority can be made against minorities (in general!).

    1. “Jews were no longer allowed to use public transport – but the majority still was – and so on.”

      Again, this is not a valid comparison because there was no referendum – and hence no majority vote – on public transport use.

      But that’s beside the point, of course.

      In general a system that only consists of majority decisions but lacks basic rights for everybody, especially minorities, is not a democracy.

      But rights are nothing to be voted about? I doubt that.
      All the time democracies decide about granting or not granting rights against the will of minorities.

      If children are not allowed to vote, if welfare/public aid is only granted to a few people but not to all citizens, if certain taxation rules only apply to married but not to unmarried people, if the majority decides that driving a car while you’re drunk is not allowed, if brothers and sisters are not allowed to marry each other …

  12. Je suis français. heureusement que nous ne sommes pas tous comme sa ! quelle honte, j’ai honte pour mon pays…

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