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    1. Who cares? :P It’s the first time I’ve seen that clip. I can’t stand Larry but the boy is plain awesome. Still, they do go for all of the stereotypes, or do they?

      1. Sorry, it was just a quick quip. :D

        Did you not like Seinfeld, or just not watch it? Larry David was one of the primary writers of pretty much every episode — and the entire “George Castanza” character was molded from Larry’s ‘image’ and his experiences.

        And, yes, they did “go for all of the stereotypes” — I’m just surprised our religious right didn’t go ape shit over such a young boy having “obvious homosexual mannerisms” (you know, the evil liberals “indoctrinating” their precious future football player and church goer), not to mention carrying out the swastika fully to its comedic fruition.

  1. Wow Greg is totally adorable. The boy actor does an amazing job, what a total cutie he is.

  2. As another commentator has remarked, in his usual charming fashion, this has been shown before but it still made me laff.
    So calm your panties !!

    Thanx Josh und gutes Neues Jahr.

  3. I had this saved on you tubed but lost it when they closed my channel. So pleased to see it again. Silly mother. “are you trying to turn him gay?” lol. Listening to the mum is enough to turn a straight man gay sheese. Love the kids portrayl. Wonder what he’s like in real life.

  4. OMG! Him and Larry are both so cute. x3

    I love the end where he says Larry showed him how to make a Swastika…funny thing is, the symbol on the pillow is actually an Indian symbol meaning “peace”. A Swastika and the Nazism symbol are completely different things – even though they are seen by society as the same.

  5. After some googling, the shows name is Curb Your Enthusiasm and the boy is Eddie Schweighardt. The show appeared in 2011 where he portrayed a 7yo gay boy. An earlier non gay version is on this music video.
    youtu.be/850d7E9repM . His latest endeavour is Dustin in Gimme Shelter out this year.

    1. I was born 19 years (and a smattering of months) ago in a small town in Indiana, and grew up there. Boys like that exist everywhere, and I’m living proof. XD

    2. Boys like this exist in rural Florida, too, believe it or not. We just had an intern who delighted in every gay stereotype.

    3. Yes. Yes they do. Fortunately, NYC is one place where they can, most likely, find support and positive affirmation. It’s not all peaches and rainbows here, but it is better.

  6. Interesting clip, very nice. hilarious end.

    A little stereotypical for my taste, but the boy pulled off the character very well.

  7. Equality is here! Bring on the lawsuits!
    “A Kansas man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple so they could have a child said on Wednesday he is shocked the state is now trying to make him pay child support.”

    1. Maybe someone should try to get child support money from a sperm bank. In this world it seem possible to get it in the end.

  8. I think this is really cute. This little boy is really a good actor or he could be the real thing. I was never much for the Seinfeld show but it seems that I was one of the few who where not. That boy really makes you laugh. He is good.

  9. In context, this is actually quite a homophobic episode. If you watch the show regularly, you know that typically Larry acts in some way that is despicable, inappropriate, or otherwise unacceptable. Much of the humour comes from his attempts to justify his wrong actions and the annoyance he causes people who are (rightly) annoyed by it. So in that context, the show is actually saying that Larry’s gift is obviously inappropriate and the criticism of him for giving it is valid. The only way that would make sense is if the show is actually supporting the homophobic belief that a sewing machine is a terrible gift for a boy, even one who clearly loves it.

    1. “If you watch the show regularly, you know that typically Larry acts in some way that is despicable, inappropriate, or otherwise unacceptable.”

      You bring up a very interesting point. I’ve never seen this series, but I watched Seinfeld. And, since he [Larry] wrote for that show and patterned the “George” character after himself, it makes sense that he would carry similar characteristics (and writing) to this new series. The difference, it appears, is that Seinfeld was considerably more ‘mild” (as compared to this cable series) to the TV masses and the “George” character would end up still be the “cute and loving” character — even when he’s picking a [used] chocolate eclair out of a trash can and taking a bite of it [from the other end]. :D

      I think it’s his style of comedy, that’s all.

    2. Well said. You’re not going to see much support from the Jewish community with regard to homosexuality. It’s tolerated in the entertainment biz only because it’s so rampant, viewed as self-deprecating humor and it always makes ratings($$) to include it.

    3. Not at all, the show’s comedy often comes from Larry trying to do things with the best of intentions, but then things go wrong to make him seem like a villain. He’s a kind of anti-hero, but a good guy nonetheless. Besides Larry David in real life is actually pro-gay rights. Tbh, I think we’re being more than a little sensitive here.

      1. Nothing “pro-gay” rights here. Just Larry assuming he’s gay because he likes sowing and exhibits other stereotypical traits. In the abstract, Larry could be making the point that we know early on, most of us….but I don’t believe he’s doing that.

        1. The boy did say he liked fashion and Project Runway, so what if he was going by interests?

    4. It’s similar with “The Big Bang Theory” were people don’t really laugh with, but about nerds.

  10. oh my god i love this little guy he is just the sweetest cutest funniest most fun little thing in the whole world

  11. OH SHIT i just saw this yesterday , been laughing about it to my self all day today, couldent wait to get home and watch it again, havent watched this show in ages, just managed to get the HBO going and picked this random episode mostly cause it was about FOX, just watched it right now, what a coincidence…this is crazy …this way and that way HAHAHA

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