13 thoughts on “Member Monday *14”

  1. Such a good-looking fellow. I see some pictures in his gallery that show him skiing with a helmet, but doing some pretty risky stuff on bikes without one. Having seen too many needless head injuries that could have been prevented, I sure hope that changes. It’s his choice of course, but I vote for keeping that handsome noggin intact!

    1. maybe asphalt and concrete are good agains acne and stuff and snow /ice ain’t…

      And yes it’s his own choice, but would be a shame if it gets ruined by accident…. errrr… gets ruined PERIOD! ;)

      so please don’t do stupid stuff… (same to all male beauty)

  2. haha very cool, always had the feeling i am like the only guy who’s not straight doing this kind of stuff on bikes…

    felix looks better than me though :)

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