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  1. Somehow life feels empty with all these people who are so beautiful to our eyes and our lebido yet… we know nothing of them as a person, and let’s say we do know them as people, are their personalitys as attractive to us as their forms? If we are in love with someone would we fill moreso fulfilled if they had the physical appearance of an adhonis such as many of these models official or no who we have so much physical attraction to albeit no intimate attachment? Somehow it feels melancholy seeing such beautiful people… so beautiful to the eye but humiliating to our heart… or perhaps it’s just like this to me?

    1. I agree with you on that in so many ways, but I also believe that we cant pass judgment on a person, just on they way they look. who is to say all because some one looks intreging there minde is not just as beautiful. I understand that so many people base love on looks and when you are with the person in real life you find there nothing like the way they look. I also like to believe I can look into someones eyes and see them for who they are, the person in this photo seem lik a nice person to me, I know I cant pass that judgment because I have never met him. But if his minde mathces his bodie or frame he is a very blessed person.

  2. @ EverlastingWords

    Speak for yourself, we know a lot about Austin! :D

    You should come to the forums, where there a lot of people not only sharing their pictures but also sharing their stories. So if you want to know more about him, that’s the way to go. You can also click on his name above the picture, it’ll take you straight to his thread.

      1. ty for standing up for me josh =]

        <3 ppl say that to me all the time… the answer is make-up…. I'm a make-up artist =]

      2. I wasnt making a comment to fight I said the face was photoshopped you can tell it is why do they have to do that to photos

        1. Mark, díd you even read my comment? Austin has videos were his face looks exactly the same. It’s make-up, not Photoshop.

  3. If I recall correctly, Austin has a definite significant other to whom he is faithful to, so it’s obvious he just likes being admired for being beautiful and also likes to make your day with nice photos, vid’s, etc.
    Kinda like an artist or actor, actually.
    But, I have to agree….beautiful eyes, Austin.

  4. Pretty amazing what a little well applied makeup, some coloured lenses and the correct pose can do. But then I guess that is why people who do glamour photography can make pretty good money.

    It would be cool to see Austin without makeup and passport like full on ^^

    1. i can take the makeup off…… PS… the blue in my eyes aren’t contacts.. Me mother gave em to me! there completely natural hun.. just great lighting!

      1. Oh, please don’t think at all that I was dissing you, you are a tallented artist for sure, the beauty of your work in these shots is clear. :)

      2. Oh, and by the way… hun… There is no need to insult me because I didn’t cream my underpants looking at you, especially as I actually did compliment your work.

        Maybe next time… hun… you might think about that. Don’t put people who pay your work compliments down… hun.

        Just sayin ya know.

        1. I’m srry if i offended u…. =[ ppl have just made fun of me b4 bc they thought i used photoshop to make myself appear better. idk why exactly ppl do that… =\ and anyway it subconsciously triggered me that you might have be trying to say something about me..

          sorry =[

  5. austin,
    no apologies necessary :-) it’s just a huge plus for you that you’ve got natural good looks, and present yourself well. and as for the eye color…astounding. keep it up. well, um, you know what i mean :-]

  6. It’s a blow-up boy-doll dudes.

    Can’t you tell?

    Them sex factories make them so lifelike nowadays. LOL!

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