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  1. Although I like the video … I still believe it’s just a little too x-rated for milkboys … there are other pages for jerk off phantasies … this page is more than just that. But of all the videos out there you chose the one with the cute faced boy. For that cheers, Josh. :-)

    P.S.: to all the fellow German commenters: stick to English it’s just so much more polite to others from around the world. I believe Josh complained about Spanish only speakers on the blog. But that goes for us as well.

    1. I am disappointed in this clip being posted, Josh. I had thought much better of you.

      If – a big if – I wanted to see boys/men wanking, I would go to one of the many other sites on the internet, which has a profusion of them showing that and many other sexual activities. But instead I frequently visit Milkboys because of the high quality of the pictures (usually) and the level of debate.

      To noshow612, thank you for your comments about communicating in English. Although I have frequently visited Germany, I’m afraid my reading and speaking skills are abysmal, so much of what is said is lost on me when comments are written in German.

      It’s rather like being in an elevator and two other passengers start speaking in a foreign tongue which you do not understood. It requires a strong nerve to believe they are not talking about you!

    2. uups just reread my comment. It actually wasn’t supposed to sound so harsh on Josh. I mean … 99 point something of the time I absolutely love the posts. This one just seems to cater to … hmm … baser needs. But anyway Josh its your blog … do what ever you like with it. It’s still the best out here.

  2. Das gefallt mir sehr! I can understand German just fine… although my speaking German is less than sterling.

    I don’t think there is anything gross, offensive or inherently less deserving of viewing here in this clip. Certainly it is nothing worse than what has been spoken in words and innuendo. It is interesting to see the reactions. No offence meant or taken, just another point of view.

  3. There has always been a post like this every periodical time frame. There isn’t much, but when there is, its a treat and still tastefully done.

    I don’t have much a problem with it. If it was more frequent i would, but its not.

  4. mmmm… yes. Milkboys is great for good taste, and being risky, risqué with style.
    Didn’t see much of that on this post.
    I have seen (here) very beautiful ‘crude’ things, but this seems to miss the mark.

  5. I don’t agree with some regarding this post. The great thing with Milkboys is the mix, the surprises, the interesting political posts etc. This video fits right in, in my opinion. My first thought was, gee what’s this. It’s more than just a simple wank vid, because it was posted here. On another site or in another context it would probably just be another boy showing off.

    Keep surprising me, keep make me smile, keep getting me involved. :D

  6. Great….now I have to go to school with a boner, maybe i’ll just jack off in the bathroom like a usually do. Got my mind off my former boyfriend though. thanks.

  7. So…. just two questions.. what about the cereal…….. AND WHERE THE HELL IS MY MILK…..

  8. Josh, your site is too good for porn. Please keep milkboys a little more innocent. Your site is a wonderful place for young men and teens to have fun and find a supportive community. Leave this to the hundreds of other sites that deal in porn.

  9. His face is very beautiful :)

    And personally, I think there’s nothing wrong with posts like this every now and then it’s not like they’re every day or anything…

    And porn (if you want to call this porn) is healthy! :)

  10. i could fall in love wit him hes soooo cute i would eat his cum then we would kiss mmmmmmm

  11. Wonder if that “cums” in pints? Would make a change from what I usually get from my milkboy.

  12. Amazingly beautiful art…I love that he stares into my eyes, something you don’t see on most videos. I cherish this one. Thanks!

  13. Hey, he could shoot that load in MY direction anytime. He is gorgeous. And if he cant get his aim right He can get me to shoot mine to him. He is absolutely gorgeous. Where oh WHERE can I find a boy like this.

  14. Hey Rysn, if this IS your cousin tell him from me he is FANTASTIC. I’d love to play with him anytime.

  15. some of u guys complain 2 much lol…I think its funny the guys complaining about this post yet they obvs. sat through the video LOL

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