Milk Star 2008!

I’ll be honest with you: I can’t stand casting shows. I can’t stand TV at all. I don’t even have one. But I got a lot of mails recently about a guy in one of the “Idol” oder “Superstar” shows and I have to admit: A few of them a bloody cute ;) So let’s get straight to the point here. I picked a few boys out of the thousands of videos at YouTube and I want you to decide who is the best, the cutest, the Milk Star 2008 ;o)

Watch the videos and cast your vote below. The poll is open ‘till Halloween. Have fun!

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Contender 1: Johan Palm (Sweden)

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Contender 2: Daniel Pirie (England)

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Contender 3: Tom Williams (Australia)

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Contender 4: Liam Styles Chang (Canada)

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Contender 5: Danny Noriega (USA)




36 thoughts on “Milk Star 2008!”

  1. hahaha I was just coming here to link some Johan Palm stuff, as I thought he was…erm…milky I guess, but I see someone has beaten me to it :)

    perhaps not the best singer but very pretty to look at yes

  2. Screw you Josh – You voted from our IP so I can’t vote anymore :(.

    I’d definitely choose the US guy.
    He’s incredible hot: He’s so gifted with performing on stage – and he’s got such a drag queen voice, it gives me the shivers.
    And he picked *that* song.. wow. Let’s kill the judge and give him the goddamn crown already!!

  3. I’ll have Johan Palm any day. Other than being darn cute, he has a quite unique and cool style and is very charming which may be hard to notice in a short video clip which also happens to be in Swedish without subtitles. I never followed a show like Idol before, now I watch it just for Johan. :)

    And damn you fellow readers for not all voting for Johan!

    (As the stalker I am, I know where he lives. It is sad I do not own a digital camera.)

  4. To be honest, the tally reflects exactly what I thought: the dancer Daniel first, with a close 2nd by Johan Palm. I actually was voting for Johan until I saw the Daniel. Johan is cuter overall, probably, but the dancer was SO heartfelt and his being a dancer after his mom was stricken was all too much. Daniel. Yup.
    (But, well, ok…..Johan can give me a back rub any day of the week…)

  5. I think I would have voted for George if he was on the list actually. Cute, talented, and determined, and did I mention cute?

  6. are we voting strictly on looks? Or talent? Or a combination? I voted for Johan. The hair, the looks, the voice. I’m sticky wet just thinking about him. Daniel is a close second, but he has such small teeth, it’s mildly irritating. Tom and Liam need hair stylists. And Danny is too “obvious” for my taste. But backstage…..I’d do all five until they can’t any more.

  7. and, by the way, Josh. I agree with you about television. I only watch the news or weather while I’m eating. And football (US football).

  8. Is it normal for a 16-year-old Swedish boy’s voice not to have changed yet? Think of the porn he’ll be able to legally do in less than two years!

  9. well to be frank, except for that danny guy their singing and dancing isnt really that impressive.

    Id vote for that danish guy here, whos more than just a pretty face, but actually can perform…

  10. daniel.
    to the max!
    during the johan video… at the end…
    the fucker moved johan’s hair out of his face.
    now, i would love to have an excuse to touch a milkboy like him.. but c’mon. that was just rude.
    i’m pissed now. :(
    edit : i want to change my vote to johan.
    i just watched another of his vids on the tubes.
    i hate being wrong, but i admit it… i’m wrong!!!!

  11. I watched quite a few videos from the UK version of Idol and it’s kinda obvious how they set up an emotional subtext for most of the attendees and see… it works xD Actually I feel a bit bad for Daniel ’cause he has the pressure to dance “for his mum” — he should do that only for himself, I hope he won’t regret it when he’s older. And for the talent thing: I don’t know much about dancing but I thought his performance wasn’t that exciting – while I really enjoyed listening to Johan even without watching him.

  12. Are we voting for cuteness or talent?
    BTW Josh, you may or may not know that River Phoenix supported his entire family through his childhood and teenage years with his acting. He was often the sole source of income for his parents. Before he made it as an actor he was a street performer to make money for his family.

  13. Had to vote for USA Danny ’cause I was hoping he would make it farther than he did. He’s older than Archuleta. The dancing boy from the UK looks like someone who could really make a career of it, but he’ll need to gain some height.

  14. i also voted for johan, even if i think david archuleta and george sampson are hotter XD

  15. Tough call, Danny and Daniel are hot and Tom is adorable, but Johan is smokin-hot sexy.

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