31 thoughts on “Milo”

  1. He is a tease,but oh so cute. Hope to see more of this lad in the future. I don’t care if he is 21,he’s a nice 21.

  2. It’s a trap ! The second photo shows clearly that Milo is a girl … a very beautiful girl, a marvelous girl … but a girl ! My god, this boy has a incredible charm and in addition he is terribly sexy … how not to fall in love with such a beautiful girl :-)

    1. take a spot at the first shot…. and, the second, a naughty boy loves to use his own legs to hide the stuff… lol
      boys are same, a sort of

  3. Thank you Josh for understanding your audience so well. This boy awaken on me the thoughts that I always dream on. Keep these posts for ever!!!!!!!!

  4. Milo, I hope you read these posts. You’re extremely photogenic, and the alluring / aloof quality that your facial expressions emit simply make you all the more adorable. Of the 3 pics presented here, despite the draw of “hey where is it?” in the 2nd pic, I like the 3rd one here best of all. Either the photography has lightened your hair, or you have. In either case, bravo. I’d take you to dinner anytime :-)
    Take cares, and come to Calif soon :-)

  5. Of course it’s a boy, no doubt about it :-)
    It was a joke echoing the second picture where he plays “boy-girl” … a child game everyone surely played ! Otherwise he would be an prepubescent girl … without any hair or breasts … but with a really cute bubble butt !

    1. As far as I’m concerned, you can be on the front page as often as Josh wants to post you here.
      For a nicely porportioned slender body such as yours, I must say that your a&& (as depicted in the 3rd pic above) is absolutely killer, along w/ the little aloof look on your face and the lightened hair.
      Absolutely killer.
      You go, Milo :-)

      1. Yeah, and sine you aren’t a minor, its perfectly acceptable to use lewd comments – and you’re definitely worth a couple of those ;)

    2. Very sweet photos, thank you. I had forgotten with friends the playful fun of tucking your penis between your legs and pretending to be female. Nice memories.

    1. well there has been increasing censorship on legal but “suggestive” images of “children”, not to mention the self-appointed saviors of mankind in action lately. Besides, due to the popularity and mixed user base of this site if we have a hot pic/video of just some random kid posted here and link to the source the kid will likely get 1000 trolls overnight. That’s what im guessing anyways.

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