23 thoughts on “Mirror Monday *23”

  1. Has anyone ever considered the potential ramifications of such externally-oriented ears?

    Are they simply a feature to be admired?

    Handles for more active pursuits?

    Beacons for everyone who has seen, but then forgotten, Elliot in the original E. T. movie?

    BTW – why was Elliot in his underwear throughout the entire film?

  2. netter typ, sicher :-P
    auch verdecktes kann interessant sein, klar :-)
    aber herr im himmel, was ist es denn für eine short?
    geht mal gar nicht :-).
    das ist so schlecht, da muß man immer wieder hinsehen.


  3. I `m always amased that these boys completely are at ease with publishing their pictures on the web for the world to see.
    Of course being this cute surely helps a lot with that, he`s different in a good way.
    Can yall check my blog wwhen you have some downtime? koenski-beterweter.blogspot.com about toys,boys,cars,gadgets and what not. That would make this boy happy.

  4. Airstrikes – The first one I thought “Ghostbusters” spoof and got a chuckle. The second one is just hot! You have a nice package that is seductively wrapped! I bet bfs really like unwrapping duty… If you are planning to make any more deliveries could I request one with a smile? In any event keep up the good work! – You are awesome!


  5. Wow what a hot cute slim boy in blue underwear, wish I was there i would slip my hands down them.

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