21 thoughts on “Mirror Monday *31”

  1. hard to believe that tiny wannabe-cam took these pictures.

    the boy looks hot. am in distance to the face, though.

  2. actually, those little cameras of today, even the tiny cellphonecam lenses, are so tweaked by auto settings to compensate for lighting conditions, etc., you’d be amazed at what they can do. Mind you, a good old Spotmatic and an 85mm 1.9 can do better, but there is so much fiddling about to do….

  3. Yummy !
    His he is so in shape and lean , that his stomach navel is stretched to an vertical oval shape.


  4. am, I the only one who feels his head is too big for his body? O.o the rest is still pretty darn good looking :P

  5. Wow what a cute hot adorable skinny emo boy, i love his blue boxers and long black hair. It looks like he has got no pubes and he keeps it shaved down there.

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