26 thoughts on “Mirror Monday *41”

  1. He looks like he’s not really sure he wants to take this photo. But kind of cute anyway. :-)

    1. I don’t think he’s skinny at all. I think that mass of hair is throwing off your perception.

    2. “Not good for bearing sons.” ….. What? Very lean men shouldn’t procreate? Sounds like a very weird statement.

      His body shape appears to be quite normal for his age — at least he’s not overweight from all the fast-food places near his home/school and the result of lazy parents not cooking/feeding their children properly. I don’t think his hair is too long at all. More boys should let their hair grow to around his length, give or take an inch or so. The buzz cuts and shaved look make boys look more ridiculous.

      1. I think the hair on a boy can be long like his or a buzzcut. The Faux-hawk to the flat out shaved head, to long hair, or the emo cut, a boy looks fine with either. I myself have to keep my hair cut short, for Cadets, but I used to have long hair like his, a bit shorter, but I certaintly don’t think I look ridiculous. Long hair is also bothersome for sports.

  2. he is a lil cutie, and, yes, he is skinny….but what is he..12, 13….MAYBE 14?….so he has time to grow

  3. The boy himself is maybe not looking very special. But I do like that the colours of his clothing do refer to the wall and the door. The picture stands for that we all are somehow a part of our own environement and vice versa.

    This photo shows that a picture does not have to be “perfect” in a technical way to be great.

  4. A booth boy?? What´s a booth boy???

    nice kid by the way; as all boys need to have had long hair once in their hopefully long lives!!


      1. Didn’t “booth is the lazy way of saying DailyBooth” just negate the entire purpose of using just “booth” (and create its own headache)?

  5. I like everything in this picture : the picture itself, with nice matching soft colours (as someone has mentioned), the underwear (which is kind of sexy, and PINK!) and, above all, the boy himself who seems to be so charming in his early teens; and above, above all : the pouting lips, Oh! my God! Thanks, Claude

  6. where have you got this foto ?? i think i have seen this same boy in another foto someday somewhere…

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