32 thoughts on “Mirror Monday *53”

  1. sweet smile… and very cute….

    but his hands are a wreck… it looks like he must shuck oysters for a living at the local seafood eatery!!

    where are my cuticle scissors?

  2. Aw, sweet looking kid. He’s got this nice look of something between innocence and lost innocence.

    1. Yes, a very feminine look. A look that can make you tremble a bit. Should I, will I, if I…

    1. Funny how I read all this stuff about how gay guys do not like femenine guys. I guess that is why I really enjoy this blog. It has the most beautiful guys on the net. If I could find a sweet fem guy of my own I’d be out of the closet tomorrow. I’m old now but I reserve the right to look, admire and appreciate.

    1. I’m not a fan of this too… Yay! Finally found someone that has the same tastes than me about it :p

  3. Bruce Tharp:

    Yes, a very feminine look. A look that can make you tremble a bit. Should I, will I, if I…

    I like this guy, he’s a little feminine but his hands also show that he is a hard worker and spends time working with his hands :)

    1. It is fun to wonder what he may do with his hands. Perhaps something artistic? I have always been attracted to feminine guys and the ones I have known had an artistic bent.

      1. Funny, his hands to me look as if he just got out of the bath …

        Anyway, there’s this really gorgeous mechanic at the shop I take my car to who is more than a bit femme and he is the only guy at the shop who wears those little black latex gloves while he works. I imagine it’s to keep his perfectly manicured hands from getting too greasy, and I just want to wrap him up and take him home with me whenever I need my car fixed.

        1. What a fun picture in words you have painted. There could (should) be a story there.

  4. Josh. I nolonger recieve email notices of new posts. Is anyone else having this experience? I really enjoy that feature.

    1. It works, it must be something with your mail provider :/ Did you check your spam folder? It’s also a good idea not to use a mail service by your internet provider because many of them use the Yahoo Mail back-end and Yahoo blocked mails with links to milkboys before (without notifying neither the sender nor the recipient about the fact that the mail was not delivered).

    2. @ Bruce Tharp – silly question, but you do know that most times you have to check the box saying “Notify me about new Comments to this Post by Mail!” correct?
      i’m just saying in case you overlooked that…

      1. Thanks but I always check the box. I’m still trying to follow Josh’s suggestion.

  5. although i find body jewelry can be quite sexy, my take on the ear expanders is i couldn’t care one way or another, but i love moped’s comment “I would use those ear holes to clip his pony reigns onto.” now THAT’S an idea!

  6. Omg what a cute hot slim boy, I love his emo style hair and pink lips. I can imagine being there with him and kissing those lips of his and licking and sucking his nipples.

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