21 thoughts on “Mirror Monday *63”

  1. Even though this pic is cock-eyed, it’s a vast improvement over the one you just pulled. I definitely approve! :-)))

  2. whats with all the korean boys?! is milkboys transitioning into kpop now? iam very worried about this…. because kpop fangirls are cray. :s

    1. YUP!
      Filipino guys are the hottest…..
      Then Costa Rican…..
      Then any Asian….
      Then skinny Scandinavians, Germans and North Europeans….

      Americans?? Hmmmm .. need help… :)

      Racisct? If you say so…. I care nothing what you think…

  3. The hell? Can’t you say : I have a thing for Filipinos, rather than these people are prettier than those people? I mean, i know you’re not trying to be mean; neither am I. Just you know, the golden rule? Impossible to follow constantly and survive in this world, but i think it works nicely here.

  4. not everyone in every single country is beautiful-each has it’s own ugly and beautiful-and no race is purely above the other, geez.

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