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  1. This is very young and I’m now guilty for my thoughts. Oh if I were young again with the sense of appreciation I have now. What ever s/he is would have been fine with me for at least a few hours.

    1. To each his own and yes he is very pretty. After a life time of confusion as a bi male, someone like this is my compromise solution; a chick with a dick if you will. What I love about this site is that there is room for everyone.

      1. If there is room for everyone here Bruce, why not for you? Why not stop whining and visit a culture where there are lots of nice boys like this and they are frequently interested in older, sometimes very old, men.

        1. Find me a culture like that xD Ok, maybe I’m not old, but for some boys even 20 is too much :P And I just started to accept myself as I am.

          1. Do your homework. No one is going to lead you by the hand. It’s a big world and reading forums like this only narrow your options. You’ve gotta break out of this rigid atmosphere.

        2. so Trevor, where are these cultures that appreciate older men? I’d love to get there if I could!

    1. Really Bruce, you are too hung up on agism and the post-Christian Western values that have spawned the normalization of that psychopathology which even infects this forum. There are other options.

      1. Although I appreciate your encouraging words, for me a relationship would have to be a two way street. At my age it really is enough to look, admire and appreciate.

        1. It sounds like your going the wrong way on the one way street Bruce. Lots of two way streets in the big wide world, only not in Europe and the USA.

            1. You must be referring to guys like Stevie. Good question as I had never seen one and I often think of Truman’s quote.

              Do you come out in the day time?

    1. Is that really you? Hah, if it is I bet its surprising! Where did you originally post the picture?

        1. If this is really you then thanks for posting. Forgive us for being skeptical but it is possible to post any flag or become any alter-ego you want to create which has happened here many times. You will find my compliments in my posted comments. Your other photos are outstanding. Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. oh this is so awkward this is my boyfriend and he’s freaking out because you are all drooling over his picture.

      1. For your information, he is.
        and if you were to go on my blog you would see for yourself…

        1. OK… groovy. But I’m still the Tooth Fairy and if you look under your pillow you’ll see me there smiling.

  3. This maybe the wrong place to bring this up but…is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the advent of tumblr/blogger etc seems to have spawned an almost entirely new collage based art form like Stevie’s blog and others like it.

  4. Freaking out because other guys are “drooling” over him? A bit dramatic. Your beauty is obviously admired and even coveted over. Perhaps you don’t deserve such admiration. Beauty is only skin deep, as they say.

    1. Have you not read Stevie’s posts above? He sounds very appreciative. In teen talk “freaking out can mean so many different things. It is a connotative as appose to a denotative language

      1. Not to mention I was not the one who said I was freaking out or used the word drooling.

  5. Perhaps it was a poor choice of words if it’s appreciation. I wouldn’t say I’m drooling but Stevie is exceptionally beautiful. Just my exact type.

  6. Stevie. You could balance things up for the ones’s on here that appreciate the more masculine types, and post a picture of your boyfriend ty wearing a jock strap and a smile. Then he won’t worry about some people drooling over you, as he’ll need all his strength to fend off the queens like me drooling over him. lol.

    Love, kisses and hugs


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