30 thoughts on “Mirror Monday *65”

  1. THANK YOU Xaviegorn! I admire your courage and confidence. Your whole beautiful self will feature prominently in my fantasies for the forseeable future.

  2. Strange and fascinating, these boys who haveabove a “babyface” (almost feminine) and the opposite of a baby bottom. Beautiful boy, beautiful and desirable … nature sometimes makes things better than we could dream them …

  3. Boys from Bolivia look like this, I really must travel into such places more. Cute face, nice body, fantasy time.

    1. Cute? Cute??? He’s drop dead BEAUTIFUL. And this isn’t even the best photo of him. Go look at his Milky gallery.
      More Xaviegorn, more!!! I want more! Ya hear?

    1. He looks about 13 or 14 facially but milkboys is a reputable website and I wouldn’t worry about it.

      In any case, he’s notably cute and it’s ridiculous that people even have to ask about the legality of someone’s naked picture of themself.

      1. You’re right “J”. But remember we have lots of ridiculous people who religiously visit this site to look at pretty young boys.

        1. “ME” must be worrying about the Biblical admonition “to look upon the woman with lust is to have committed adultery with her”. In ME’s mind, just getting excited over looking makes him guilty. USA President Carter believed this nonsense too. Pretty crazy in this day and age.

          1. Just thinking about sex is considered a sin. If sex is a part of your dreams then I guess your soul is indeed corrupt and you need to make peace with Gawd.

          2. the boy here don’t know me i don’t want the site getting in trouble its bout the beauty of boys im 15 if he was under 18 i could date him. XD so stay outa my head

  4. Mirror mirror on the wall..who is the fairest of them all ?

    The mirror was speechless. (and so am I)

  5. @ME: of course this lad is 18. Do you think Milkboys would have naked boys on their blog. He is adorable.

  6. Viva Evo!
    That does it! I’m moving to Bolivia. This is more than my poor heart can bear. OMG!

  7. He’s been legal for a long time in his country! Jump on that!
    “The age of consent in Bolivia is set at puberty regardless of gender and/or sexual orientation, according to Article 308 of the Bolivian Penal Code”

    1. While this is true I’d like to point out that the age of consent has nothing to do with the legality of a photo. 

      While it’s allowed to have sex with 14 or 15-year-olds in many countries it’s still illegal to post a sexually suggestive photo of them online in the same countries. As idiotic as it is.

      1. There is nothing indicative of sex in this photo. Simple nudity is legal in Amerika and most of Europe for subjects of any age.

        1. This photo is legal anyway since he’s over 18 but it does go beyond “simple nudity”. The kind of photos you’re talking about, the ones being legal, are photos in which people are naked for obviously non-sexually reasons like when they’re skinny dipping or when it’s some kind of artsy photo (that doesn’t always protect you though).

  8. What a great way to present naked boys – especially when there is such a mismatch between the baby face and what he carries between his legs.

  9. GOSH PEOPLE! i didnt mean to have people go on and on bout his age just enjoy the artful photos and the knowledge this site shares

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