29 thoughts on “Mirror Monday *66”

  1. Some people say that teenagers are pure and innocent beings … The question is all teens … some of them … none of them ?
    In any case this one knows he is beautiful … and he’s proud if it …

  2. Adding a thought

    I’m thinking about age and why he has to keep his trucks on. He looks ready to wag his dick at us. Ok, I would not want to harm an other guy younger or older (or a female). But why is age such a problem? Who came up with the 18 year old rule? I remember being under 18 and feeling like I was beating my head against the wall looking for guys like me.

    If you get a boner for thinking about other guys are you not ready? As long as the older guys do take care. And, I do mean older has an obligation to take care of younger. But, younger gets to have their sex too.

    1. I don’t like way older guys but there is this 19 year old who I like who seems interested. Sadly, he’s going off to college before I’ll get the chance to get any way to contact him.

      1. Sorry but I intend to keep breathing. You are anonymous, so expound. As to your 19 year old I do not think you are a fool but please run down the check list. That is the only thing available. Yes, I hear the anger… I want you to find him. There is only what ever you know and I do not need it shared with me.

        I just will help where I can.

        Old guy

      2. Surely there is a way you can contact him. Being older he may be waiting for you to make the first move. 19 would be a good age for you. If there is really a mutual attraction I wouldn’t just wait around. Let him know in no uncertain terms how you feel. What have you got to loose?

  3. Hi Purple Rabbit
    Ok, I messed up and used my real email a while ago, oddly I rather like being real. So Purple Rabbit talk to me. Hugs A.

  4. I’m sure he has a tumblr or something where this was originally posted. Does anyone know what it is?

  5. I just want to pull up his trousers a bit, or totally pull them down .. yeah pull them down :)

  6. He is a very cute boy with nice hair, but you need a lot of hairspray to keep it like that :)

  7. Lets keep him in hair spray. However real boys (and he is) don’t think about their doo. He just does it. Way back when my best friend had a helmet of hair like that, no spray. Any guy who posts himself like this is beyond hair and age (even if they do not do the nakkies for legal reasons) – (thank you from an older guy)


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