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  1. That is just so damn cute. Today is both better and worse than the 50’s when I was their age but it is good to know that photos like this are out there and they know they are not alone. No guilt or self hate on those happy faces. Kids like this are a real inspiration and confirmation for old farts like me.

    1. Bruce:
      Couldn’t agree more. It’s truly great to see these cute youngsters open to their feelings, and not ashamed or afraid to express it. I also find it inspiring and self-confirming.

  2. dawwwwwhhhhhhh – Young Love [hopefully at least a little lust as well !]

    100 thanks Josh

  3. God, I would love to experience love like this when I was that age. Oh well, thankfully some young people can now.

  4. That’s adorable! And like a few others have said, I wish I could have had that when I was their age :(

  5. Wouldn’t be nice if these two boys where just bothers in love for each other. I do so wish I had a bother to love.

  6. That looks like a public toilet they are in. Do you suppose they are young tea room queens? Johns were famous for boy pickups and maybe this is making a comeback.

  7. Looks more likely to be their school cloakroom/toilets … cute all the same.

    Tea Room Trade:

    That looks like a public toilet they are in. Do you suppose they are young tea room queens? Johns were famous for boy pickups and maybe this is making a comeback.

  8. It could have been taken in their school cloakroom ? Not all cute boys are cottage queens ….

    Nice photo btw, thanks

    Tea Room Trade:

    That looks like a public toilet they are in. Do you suppose they are young tea room queens? Johns were famous for boy pickups and maybe this is making a comeback.

    1. Have we seen the name Tea Room Trade: before today? I notice there is no flag by his name. Do you really believe that Tea Room really believes these boys could be “tea room queens?”

      1. If you believe a 15yo raped a 65yo, then yeah, I can believe these are young cottagers. Why not? Nowadays anything is possible.

        1. “Nowadays anything is possible.”

          You don’t know just how true (and sad) that statement is!

          Not that I’m usually one for poetry, but if the mind can conceive it, the legislators will achieve it!

        2. “Nowadays anything is possible.”

          You don’t know how true (and sad) that statement is!

          Though I’m not usually one for poetry…if the mind can conceive it, the legislators will achieve it.

  9. this young tender love convinces me that love knows no borders.
    now i have a sweet dream for tonight :-)
    …my heart skips a beat…

  10. You’re all rather jumping to conclusions in thinking they’re not just good friends (of course, they may also be more).

    I can’t fully tell, but I hope and believe men in general in the west (esp young men and boys) are becoming more open with their feelings, this includes being more tactile.

    This can only be good for all men, not just gays/homosexuals. Any excessive insinuation that all tactile contact is automatically “gay” will send us right back to where we’ve come from, the doldrums of firm pats of the back and stiff upper lips.

  11. Reminds me of when I was 9. I had a same age friend that always wanted to kiss me on the lips. I would push him away, thinking back now I wish I hadn’t as it may have gone further. But I had a crush on his older brother, he was so mature, so old, so much more grown up than us kids. Funny really as he was in fact only 11. Then they moved. The weird thing is as I got older, my love object age fixation didn’t. Wish someone with all the answers could explain it to me as it has destroyed my life. I have managed through various techniques to push the age of those I have sex with past the AOC, but there isn’t the special love there, just release. Years, even decades of self imposed celibacy have left me somewhat bitter, morose, sad and depressed. Its not even a problem that can be discussed face to face with anyone. Any wonder my first suicide attempt was in my teens.

    1. What you have written makes me very sad. I wish I could somehow console you, but words fail me when I hear these kind of stories.

    2. hello enigmanz …

      I know your feelings and thoughts. They are the same I have. When I was in that age I had a boyfriend and was in love with him. But he was not, cause he was straight. He was the first boy in my life in which I was deeply fallen in love. And he did not respond. My youth time characterizes my thoughts still today. I can not forget … but I am strong!!!

      Therefore, I am happy when I see young boys like these two on the pic above. That strengthens my life.

    3. Of all the comments I’v ever read on line urs is the one that most makes feel I’m not alone. Somethings r impossible to talk about. I often think to myself “If I could only go back even for 1 day, wat a difference it could have made in my life. Thanks for the comment. I totally get it.

  12. Wow, Boy have times changed since the 1980’s. I remember feeling SO in love with a boyfriend of mine but back then I could not express my love…

    I find it so interesting how kids today have the FREEDOM to be Gay with each other. So Awesome.

    These two are so cute together…

  13. loot at that, there is the most beautiful and adorable thing that i have ever seen,,, did you see, not all is sex (ok it could be a big part but not the whole life ;) )

  14. Imma say wat everyone else is thinking, cayse ur all abunch of cowered s. I wanna see them making out. Sweet. (:

  15. Hey, its Jake, (the guy on the right). How my picture ended up on here I don’t know lol but yes that is my boyfriend and the picture was taken on our first date in a small town in England. I didn’t take him to McDonalds for a date but Thats where we ended up lol. Thank you all for your support though, it means a lot. If you wanna know more- I Kik, its j.a.k.e.y. (With all the dots)

    1. Hi, Jake !
      Thanks for your answer :)
      You’re really cute and I seriously hope we could be friends ;)

  16. Je ne suis pas fort en anglais^^
    je tient a préciser que cette photo représente très bien la jeunesse Gay d’aujourd’hui.
    très belle photo.

    Un jeune de France.

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