17 thoughts on “Mirror Monday *68”

  1. Daaaaaaaaamn!!!!
    Perfect in every way from the Hair to the long torso to the facial expression to that amazing looong uncut cock!

  2. I wonder if his dad is a fudge-packer. You are right Crashguy, this lad is perfect from head to toe. I love that shaved pubic area. It gives you a complete and full look at this lads beautiful uncut penis.

  3. @jouchBoy: This lads is being shown with an erection. Hell, that’s a nice size penis this lad has. I guess you like those little tiny sausages. Well what ever you like, this lad is sitting pretty. You can please some of the people all the time,and all the people some of the time,but you can’t please all the people all the time. If you look at Milkboys for a time you well see that this saying is true.

  4. Good looking lad but I am not a fan of the plucked chicken look, a boy should have a bush!
    Trim it by all means but bush is best!

  5. He’s proud and confident enough about himself to take the pic and send it out for the world to enjoy… I hope he truly appreciates the gift he’s been given. The lad has the kind of looks that will open doors even if his pants are on.

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