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  1. If you enlarge the image, it also appears that he has a piercing near the eye on the right.

    1. I missed that as I didn’t get beyond the lip. On a second look I realized he may be older than 9 or 10 and could possibly be a cute 13 year old. Still too young for piercings or tats in my opinion. I’m sure there will be a few who will quickly disagree.

      1. Yeah, there are some here who support and encourage self-mutilation. I think it’s a mass psychosis masquerading as “fashion”.

        1. Not only is that pointlessly overzealous and judgmental, it’s also insulting to victims of actual mutilation and actual psychosis. One of the main areas in which people on this site are frustratingly and unexpectedly closed-minded.

        2. @Sang Froid. Love the user name. “Mass psychosis” like an enormous foreclosure where the paternal function was never there from the very beginning.

          1. Oh please he hurts no one and the piercings make him happy so WHY DO YOU HAVE TO HATE? You think you know better than the mass psychosis population don’t you? Arrogant. How would you feel about similar comments made about gay sex? This eagerness to force one’s own opinion on others and to condemn things that hurt no one is the reason why the world is so full of intolerance

        3. You are a moron… And your comment is stupid, insulting and an out dated opinion, I have no piercings, but there’s nothing wrong with what this guy has. Just because something is different from your way of doing things, doesn’t make it wrong. OH WAIT WE’RE ON A GAY WEBSITE!!!! SHOCKING IRONY!!!!!!

      2. Bruce I AGREE with you. You were simply stating your opinion. You made no judgement on the character of the person in regards to the piercings. We can be gay but we don’t have to think that anything goes.

        1. Thanks for the support. BTW this is a really cute kid and I can’t resist feeling protective of that.

        2. oh but to maximize happiness in the world anything should be allowed to go as long as it hurts no one. piercing = psychosis? It;s offensive just like the old classification of homosexuality as a mental illness. If you like boys first you ought to respect them and their choices, and if you do you wouldn’t agree with the psychosis BS. By the way psychoanalysis is really outdated stuff consisting mainly of wild speculations unsupported by evidence, and unfalsifiable statements that cannot be tested. Any modern psychology textbook will tell you that

  2. I also don’t like the piercings. This is a cute boy and the lip and eyebrow do nothing to improve his looks.

  3. I’m not a piercing fan, but the anti-piercing comments get really boring and are very judgemental. It’s OK if you don’t like it, but stop claiming or suggesting there’s something wrong with people who use them.

  4. A cute young teenager who seems to have some personality. His choice of piercing is, according to my view, his way to show that he is « of his time ». He wants to distinguish himself, be audacious (audacieux).

  5. Cute boy. Cute camera! :D

    That IS a camera, isn’t it?

    I wonder how many other cute-but-practical objects like that there are out there.

  6. That is the best phone case I’ve ever seen. I wish people made cool phone cases for my crappy phone :(

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