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    1. Silly often plays a part in being cute. The boy on the right has a Ronan Parke hair cut in need of a trim.

  1. Its getting younger and younger here on milkboys!?
    It’s starting to attract people interested solely in CP! Why are we letting this happen!?

    1. Daniel sounds like another puritanical, witch hunting hysterical freak who doesn’t have all his marbles to me.

      1. Actually no… I’m someone who’s been on Milkboys for around 4/5 years, and has noticed a gradual change. I’m not witch hunting, i’m simply stating a fact that i’m not very pleased about.
        I know people that have left milkboys because it’s a boat floating down the wrong creek, and is being boarded by old men looking for young boys, and people who have nothing better to do than bitch and jump at any opportunity they have to burn some one at the stake!
        Milkboys is getting younger, it’s moving from “Wet Wednesdays” to “Wet themselves Wednesday” need i say more?

        1. @ daniel
          This particular topic thread seems fine just now but your point is correct. Sometimes the picture commenting here has been so gross that Josh’s Blog seems nothing more than a hangout for creeps.

          ‘puritanical, witch hunting hysterical freak’
          Well that’s it in a nutshell.

          Internet commenting is a haven for a certain type of person to feel safe and then to articulate themselves in a way that is absolutely unacceptable for a face to face encounter.
          It’s called having no sense of decorum and it’s nastiness plus a lack of respect for others destroys everything Josh is trying to achieve.

          It’s one thing to see a cute guy or boy and think ‘WOW!’. It’s a totally different thing to see the same then tell the world how you want to rip his clothes off and hint at stuff you’d like to do to him.
          There are a few not so nice personalities fantasizing about domination and showing a measure of ugliness that highlights just why beautiful boys will be forever outwith their reach.

          1. If you don’t like the flavor of this board, why not simply find another? Josh is the administrator and can make his own decisions. I don’t agree with everything everyone says, nor do I fall in love with every post, BUT my love of this forum is unwavering.

          2. Ok well one point of evidence for my rant is that these are seventeen, and i’m pretty sure you can see his penis. That’s whats wrong. IT is wrong, and I’ve been on Milkboys for years, and I wouldn’t want to leave, but as I see it, I might be forced out by clandestine gays who don’t like people pointing out how they’re wrong, or by the webpage being taken down due to showing Child Porgnography. So…

            1. Well i’m incredibly (seriously) sorry if i am completely mistaken, but the boy on the rights hand covering the boy on the lefts crotch (notice the use of “boy”) doesnt seem to be only finger skin. I guess now would be a good time to say read between the lines, ie fingers :/

            2. You are indeed mistaken. What you see there is just a blur effect that you get when the camera isn’t hold steady.

              And, by the way, the law here states that pictures of explicit sexual nature can only feature persons of or over the age of 18 and all photos on this blog will always be conformable to this law. If you think your country’s laws are different you should consider visiting other websites ;)

            3. Josh, i’m not saying that what you’re doing is against the law! I’m saying that i’ve been following you for years and the general age of your models to me appears as if it is going younger and younger. I’m scared simply that this will attract more people on the internet that are of the wrong clientele, and further that it’s getting closer to the line of 18 or not, and i wouldnt want this blog nor you to be prosecuted!… Child pornography is not anything to do with rape or photos of under ten year olds naked, it’s simply an under 18 year old who’s penis is visible. I’m sorry if my point here was construed, and if anything bitten to bits by these other people, but my resounding worry is still there…

            4. Don’t worry, contrary to what hysterical people on the internet without any knowledge of actual laws love to claim, child pornography is still defined as “depicting sexually explicit activities involving a child.”. This has nothing to do with nudity one way or another.

              There are many areas in which photos of naked people under 18 are perfectly legal (think art, nudism, family photos etc.). If some 15-year-old guy goes skinny-dipping and decides to post a video of it on YouTube he’s 100% within the law as long as nothing sexual happens. On the other hand a photo of a 10-year-old posing in a sexually suggestive way could get classified as child pornography even when he’s wearing clothes.

              And as I said, all explicit photos on this site always did and always will only feature people who are 18 or older.

              So, rest assured, there’s no legal problem whatsoever with this site. More people than you can imagine tried to get the site taken offline for numerous reasons and reported it both to the police and our hoster over and over again; the police never found anything wrong with the site and our hoster explained to me more than once that they are fine with the content of the site.

              As for your impression that the people getting posted here are getting younger in general: No, definitely not. As the person who should know best I am absolutely certain that it’s actually the opposite ;)

            5. “As for your impression that the people getting posted here are getting younger in general: No, definitely not. As the person who should know best I am absolutely certain that it’s actually the opposite ;)”

              Yes, I noticed. Hope that changes again and you’ll manage to please all your longtime followers.

            6. I think that you are wrong, the fact that you are getting older and older makes you see the models here, getting younger and younger, i think it is a matter of perspective….I agree with Josh you need to chill…. or even better you need to chillax…

            7. What on earth… you’re “pretty sure you can see his penis”?
              You have X-ray vision? Or an incredibly fertile imagination?
              Yes, there are certain people who regularly push the boundaries (to my mind) with tasteless and unnecessary lewd comments about young guys. But your reaction to a bit of teen horseplay suggests you need to take a very long deep breath and back away for a while until you have regained a sense of perspective.

            8. The thing about boys is, typically they do have a penis. In most lads over the age of 12 there might be (gasp) a bump in their shorts. If that is what offends you, perhaps you should just admire their lovely faces…

            9. Ooooo, right to the point. Actually the lovely faces are the best on the net.

            10. People will always see what they want to see.

              If you see “pornography” in this you shouldn’t go to Tumblr (where this pic is from btw) cause you would get a heart attack. And if stuff like this would be illegal (which it obviously isn’t, what kinda stuff are you smoking??) sites like Tumblr would be in big trouble.

              Comapring a pic of two 17yos (fully clothed!) doing a silly pose in front of the mirror (how could that possibly do any harm!?!) to pictures of raped little kids it’s just retarded and an insult to victims of actual child abuse.

            11. “Child pornography” is far too broad-reaching a term in the eyes of the law (at least as far as I’m aware of what applies in the US and UK). Teen boys are quite literally NOT children, as in that they have sexual desires children do not and so morally and logically…and if you are rational, then no, pictures such as this are not considered child pornography.

              In the US and the UK however, it would largely depend on mens rea and what else you have in your possession that in the eyes of the law might constitute “an unnatural interest in children”.

              But again…if you are logical and rational…which US and UK laws about this sort of thing obviously aren’t…you’ll know these boys are not children and that having some amount of interest (to a non-obsessive, non-creepy extent)–even sexual–in teenagers–is quite natural.

              Pictures, videos, etc. of teens doing what is natural for them should always be legal and never considered CP so long as they are not being harmed, harming themselves, or harming anyone else. Most of the time, it’s obvious what is exploitation and what is not (not always, i.e. if a private picture is shared publically), and though this picture is clearly not exploitative or forced, I can see how it could be considered CP under current draconian laws.

              But the fact remains. MilkBoys is a blog for TEEN boys, not CP (or even what could be considered as CP in the eyes of the law). Now and then, a younger boy is posted, but so what? Are we not allowed to find beauty in all generations of people? I understand what you’re saying and I do agree with you to a certain extent. Some comments can be quite nasty and discussions get out of hand sometimes and unfortunately the internet is too often a place that brings out the worst in people.

              As for this blog though, I really don’t notice much of a difference in what’s being posted…just that in more recent years, young boys like this are probably more eager to snap pictures like this and post them everywhere. Just take a look at what’s on Tumblr for example, plus the amount of sexting scandals in the news nowadays has gotten insane (there was more recently one in my old high school as well as the high school near my place of work).

              Things are changing dramatically whether we acknowledge it or not and this is just an observation of course. But it will be interesting to see what’s going on in the next 10 or so years with all this.

              Not meaning to beat you down because I do see your point, but from a logical standpoint, I don’t consider this or anything else that’s been posted on this blog as “CP”. That’s not to say that people or laws in certain areas wouldn’t. Unfortunately.

  2. SO cute & sweet – just the thing for a chilly Monday here in Texas ! Thanks Josh.

  3. Abe Lincoln said, You can please some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all the time. These lads are cute and I see no harm here. Just two boys having a good time.

  4. Sadly the comments by Daniel and his alter ego “urpickinonme” is the way the UK is going now. Total hysteria against anything to do with youth expression

  5. Oh for goodness sake, this is just turning into a bitch fest! I try one simple point of saying that the sites maybe pitching a bit low, and I get stoned to death! I’m incredibly sorry about saying one comment, and I hope for dear god’s sake that none of you ever get prosecuted for owning child pornography!

    1. most of the people responding to you are not trying to ‘stone’ you they are arguing against you with logic can’t you see the difference? do you have to call them dicks?

  6. One point…
    I’m not just imagining a dick!………
    ………I’m seeing about 20 of them right here!

  7. Actually I can see both their dicks. (I DO have X-Ray vision. I love it. I could write a book…)

  8. Haha, i’m sorry guys. I did start out with a reasoned statement; and if you can’t see the penis in question (left guy, thats not an extra finger on the right guys hand) then i’m sorry i argued.
    When people started calling me another “puritanical, witch hunting hysterical freak who doesn’t have all his marbles to me.” I think that’s not right, i’d made a statement not guided at anyone here, saying that i was worried Milkboys was heading down a slippery slope. Sorry if i offended anyone here, but most of you did try purposefully to offend me so…

    One question, if I took an average age poll of the commenters on this particular picture, would it equal more than thirty? That’s just for you guys to ponder.

    1. At this point I’m convinced you’re just trolling and trying to cause drama because you’re frustrated with your life or whatever.

      You did read what Josh wrote, right?

      You are indeed mistaken. What you see there is just a blur effect that you get when the camera isn’t hold steady.

      And fyi I started coming here 2 years ago when I was 14 and I know for a fact that there are a lot of other people well under 30 around here.

      But I don’t see how it makes a difference if a 15yo or a 30yo comments on a photo of some 17yo guys. Ageism much? You would think when you belong to a discriminated minority like gay people do you would be more careful not to discriminate other people.

      1. I’m not purposefully trying to troll, i’m not even trying to be rude or abrasive, i’ve been trying to be light hearted, but possibly it’s just my charm of the english language that’s making it hard for those that have learnt english by book to understand my tone.
        And i had been apologising if i was mistaken, and i can see why it would appear that i have been… My point still stands though…

        1. No, it has nothing to do with your English. It is entirely to do with your bizarre concept of anatomy, you daft reaction to simple teen fun, and your apparent paranaoia.
          When you say “left guy, thats not an extra finger on the right guys hand” – are you telling us you somehow KNOW the right guy has only three fingers?
          Perhaps you need a loooong holiday :D

          1. No… no no no no no…. You’re seriously just trying to say that i’m an idiot!… Seriously!… I just don’t know how i can reply to you without swearing!… … … The concept i was saying that it appeared that between the horizontal fingers of the boy on the right, is something running vertically which as Josh pointed out earlier is //most probably// just the effect of accidental movement of the camera!…
            And the point i just made of someones graft of the English Language, is that you just used the word daft… Wow…

  9. I think I see what your commenting on daniel, but I sure had to look to find this so called penis. I have to go along with Josh on this one. If you follow Milkboys you would know that Josh and I don’t see eye to eye on much at all. When I first saw these boys I just thought they where two cute boys being boys. Now with all your comments and you seeing penis, I still see two cute boys being boys, and I’am over 30 too.

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