21 thoughts on “Mirror Monday *71”

    1. Yes, I also wish his face weren’t covered up here, because what I see of it looks beautiful.

    1. Nope, it’s blurry but if you look carefully you can see he has sunglasses pushed up on his head.

  1. This is one kitty I could gently pet and not have to worry about allergies.

    heeeeere kitty…

  2. Thank god he is 18, less the age zealots come for us. And 14 year olds don’t get erections anyway.

    1. Take your opinion and shove it where he can’t read it, because that’s just a harsh thing to say about anybody.

      1. I won’t censor myself just because you say so, capisci? And people were harsh with me, I will do the same with the rest :). Put someone prettier with similar looks, like Raven Shaddows, not this guy.

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