36 thoughts on “Mirror Monday *72”

  1. Very pretty lad! Great body and really cute face.

    …a very nice cock, as well. That never hurts, right? ;-)

  2. Argh! Where’s the NSFW warning? I nearly opened this in the same room as my Mum! Nice though :-)

    1. The pic was there on the front page. Not possible to have a NSFW warning BEFORE you get to Milkboys. ;)

  3. Anyone recall when only sailors or prisoners had tatoos? And his are particulary ugly, of the white trash type.

  4. Hey Will: What’s your mum doing in the same room as you when you got this on.If your 18 or older it don’t much matter. Now if you are a youngen under 18 it matters some. This lad is cute in some respects,but if he got any skinnier you wouldn’t be able to tell him from his big johnson. I don’t much mine tattoos but these don’t just a fit on this youngen. I guess if its a gonea make you happy you go with it.

    1. Well I was on my phone and my mum can’t see good enough to notice any “normal” kinda picture on a phone unless it’s right in front of her but even from a few metres away I think even shortsighted people can tell a nude pic! I got away with it though I just closed it real quick and went into my room. But what I meant about the NSFW warning is that the mods used to put a safe version of the pic that if you clicked it THEN you got the NSFW version. Reckon it’s a bit safer that way but it was my own fault for going on the blog when I wasn’t 100% alone

  5. I do believe that referring to someones tattoos as the white trash type. A simple lousy looking would be adequate.

  6. I love the skinny, thin waist, cute blonde look and his adorable face fits in well with that. Too bad about the tattoos. They do not fit in

    1. @ken
      ‘he’s not a model. he’s in porn.’

      I don’t quite understand your comment.
      I do get a feeling that because he works in porn that you somehow think it’s more acceptable to direct crappy comments at him.
      If that’s true then you have to realise that your downmarket attitude is a result from the brainwashing we’ve all been subjected to as children. The idea that sex and all it involves is ‘dirty’.

      Milkboys is one place where that kind of idea ‘sex is dirty’ just does not fit.
      And, if sex is not dirty then a sex worker is just the same as you with your shelf stacker job in Tescos.

    2. you look at porn and then have the audacity to push the holier-than-thou bullshit about “he’s in porn so he is scum”?
      Try reading his tumbler commentary. He’s a very complex, very confused kid.
      i DESPISE people like you

  7. Sex is not dirty, no. Having sex with multiple partners for a pay check is not dirty it is just sad. Very, very sad.

    But I seem to be in the minority with that outlook.

    1. @bemused
      Yes, it can be sad but not as you mean in your comment.

      I know several young guys ‘escorting’ just now. They are all from good backgrounds and they are very much of good character. You, their family and anyone who met them would be hugely surprised to find out what they’re getting up to.

      The main reason the situation exists is because of no job and no prospects and they are all determined to get through higher education or support their family or just survive without State handouts.

      This topic has been covered already on the Board but shitty, snotty comments like yours get right up my nose.

      Then again, the guys have demonstrated such a measure of bravery and independence that they don’t need my help to defend them against you. They can wipe you off the windscreen of life like any other squashed bug.

      Your comment is just an epic fail. Sorry about that.

      1. Nice.

        I did not know being upset about something is now classed as snotty.

        But you learn something new everyday…

        1. I’m glad you learned your lesson bemused! I hope ken also crawls back into the Vatican convent he crawled out of.
          Glad to see upikinonme exposing the cancerous sores that appear on this forum from time to time.

          1. i just meant models do modeling and calling porn ‘modelling’ is just because you think calling it porn is seedy.

            i’ve got nothing against porn. but dressing it up as something else is silly.

            also, Fuck you

      2. i think i have disagreed with you in the past, upikinonme, but your comment here make it clear that you are not a Total dickhead :)
        likewise, i know several guys who are “on the game”. it doesn’t make them any less decent thinking kids.
        people who want to start blaming and shaming – or gloating – have no place in this community.

  8. @upikinonme: I think your statement on the main reasons this situation exists is just about right. porn has been around for some time, but I believe in this day your words are very true.

  9. Long live the most holy and sacred sacrament of the body and all its parts and possibilities. Forever… more!

  10. It’s good to see that ‘white trash’ has entered the discourse on this site. For a second I thought I might be somewhere that doesn’t mindlessly toss out slurs and degrade others because their aesthetic values don’t exactly match yours.

    Thank god.

  11. He looks very much like a guy I know – I wonder if the similarities continue underneath his clothes as well ;)

  12. there is nothing wrong seeing boys in sexual situations, boys like him bring joy to many off us and isa picture of beauty

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