10 thoughts on “Model Monday *25”

  1. Don’t quote me, but I believe this picture to be of actor John Robinson, who starred in Gus Van Sant’s “Elephant”, and in “Lords of Dogtown”.
    Very, very beautiful boy.
    Had shoulder length blonde hair in Elephant, and a bit longer in Lords of Dogtown.
    Looks good damn near every way.

  2. He also had a small paper on “Heart is deceiftul above all things”.

    Wearing only a towell =)

  3. How could Elephant be anyone’s favorite movie? I mean it was interesting to watch once, but favorite would imply desire for repeat viewing, and it’s the last fucking thing I would want to watch over and over.

  4. John Robinson is a most beautiful young man. Love him. And, o.k., he has a cute romantic face with soft blond long hair, but he is truly masculine, « viril ». Claude

  5. YEAH!!! Good memory…. I remember that face.. but was hard to find out where I have seen it… YEAH… was exactly on those GOOD MOVIES by the way…

  6. Thank you Josh :-)
    I agree, one of the more beautiful blonde boys of our day.
    And, heaven knows, I do love blonde boys, yup yup yup.
    Take cares, all, and very nice pic, Josh. You rock!

  7. I love his feminine looks. Anyways, I would pay so much money to have natural-like blond hair color, it would fit so much on my curly hair. In my country, we celebrate a holy day, wich I can’t remember the name, Saint-something, and in the parade, a young blond boy who has curly hair is representing one Saint. My grandma showed me to the priest manging this (I was dark-blond when I was younger), but there was another kid with a paler tint of blond, exactly like that one. Because of this boy I couldn’t participate in the procession :( Not like I care now.

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