30 thoughts on “Model Monday *31”

  1. I have gender dysphoria, so please don’t shout at me for being a hater, BUT I really do think biologically this person is female. The bone structure of the face is too delicate, the hips look wider that would be expected of a slim boy and the suspicious looking boob doesn’t help.

    However, regardless of the biology, in the context of this website, and the fact that typically male clothes are being worn, he looks really beautiful. And the hair is awesome!

  2. Beautiful from top to bottom! Adore the blue hair, love the gentle look, and despite my usual love of boys with more meat on their bones, I find him very attractive! Just amazing.

  3. Personally not much of a fan of leather pants. :x
    Hair is alright though, and as Dan said up above he(?) looks oddly female. But maybe we’re just crazy.

    Either way, cute.

  4. I tend to think this is a she. but that’s ok. S/he is cute. I think all of us on this site love the intrigue.

  5. I agree. This looks to be a female. All of the above points and what looks like breasts if you peer at the left side of the torso. And I PEERED. XD

    Pretty. I love leather and the blue hair is cute. Kind of a sultry/bitchy look is really hot. LOL I’ll take a baker’s dozen.

    1. Yea, you nailed it. The sultry/bitchy look. Not my kind of women. They have no place in my life.

  6. Is it a boy though? Take a look at the contour of his/her left ‘pec’. It looks like it could be a small breast. Hmmmmm …. I dunno.

    1. Dammit, I thought I recognised that location, thought it was just wishful thinking and to find out I was right! Pity he doesn’t stand there more often… mainly when I am. Probably not a good idea though, who knows what control I might lose…

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