15 thoughts on “Model Monday *34”

  1. I like his collar bone-structure – if that makes sense! Very sexy…

    His hair is also, beautiful :)

  2. His name is Damien Verhagen he lives in Canada, the photographer is from chile, google him…
    Josh have another picture of him somewhere but I did not find it….

  3. yup we just saw this boy a short while ago, and many nice comments about him then, too. very striking eyes, sensual mouth / nose, and as amply noted by others, very nice hair.
    Even the fabled Dumbledore agrees he’s just “wow” :-)

  4. Gotta love that dreamy look <3<3<3.

    Wonder what he's like in real life …

    But i seem to recall having seen him on MB before…

  5. He is my friend. He is handsome, sexy… also an amazing photograph… but first, he is a nice guy.
    Love you Damien.

    1. oh wow i just fell on that picture by pure hazard and then I see that you commented Pol, thats pretty funny!
      And thanks guys for all the compliments its really nice of you :)
      i have my hair shorter now though ;)

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